Winter Storm Expected to Bring Snow From the Dakotas to the East Coast

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‘There’s much uncertainty than usual,’ 1 forecaster said.

Heavy snowfall  blanketed Washington connected  Jan. 3 during a caller    storm.
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Jesus Jiménez

Jan. 14, 2022, 5:50 a.m. ET

A ample wintertime tempest was producing snowfall implicit parts of North Dakota aboriginal Friday and was expected to bring snowfall and crystal to the South connected Saturday earlier turning toward the East Coast, wherever rainfall and snowfall were apt connected Sunday oregon Monday, according to forecasters.

Details connected which East Coast cities would spot snowfall and however overmuch remained unclear. But immoderate airports and proscription departments were already bracing for imaginable question issues.

David Roth, a elder forecaster with the National Weather Service, said Thursday evening that meteorologists expected the forecasts to evolve.

“There’s much uncertainty than usual,” Mr. Roth said. “When we’re dealing with the quality betwixt rainfall and sleet and freezing rainfall and snow, subtle changes marque a large difference.”

By aboriginal Friday, snowfall was falling crossed parts of cardinal and eastbound North Dakota, according to the Weather Service successful Bismarck. Road conditions were already rapidly deteriorating, they said. Several cities were nether a wintertime tempest informing done Friday and parts of that authorities could spot a swath of dense snow, totaling much than 8 inches, meteorologists said.

“This snowfall volition harvester with gusty winds to nutrient slippery, snowfall covered roads and importantly reduced visibility,” the Weather Service said connected Twitter. “Travel volition apt go hazardous to unsafe astatine times.”

The tempest is expected to determination southeast connected Friday toward Iowa, wherever galore cities volition beryllium nether a wintertime tempest informing connected Friday done aboriginal Saturday. Six to 10 inches of snowfall are imaginable successful bluish and cardinal Iowa, according to the Weather Service.

Southwest Airlines warned connected Thursday that travelers passing done oregon from Des Moines International Airport could spot flights delayed, diverted oregon canceled. Other cities nether the airline’s travel advisory see St. Louis, Kansas City, Mo., and Omaha, Neb. American Airlines and Delta made akin announcements related to the weather.

The tempest could bring wintry upwind to parts of occidental Kentucky and Southeast Missouri by Friday night, with snowfall amounts of up to 4 inches possible, according to the Weather Service bureau successful Paducah, Ky.

On Saturday, the tempest strategy is expected to proceed moving southeast toward upstate South Carolina, northeast Georgia, and occidental North Carolina. Dozens of cities successful the portion volition beryllium nether a winter tempest watch from Saturday evening done Monday morning. The Weather Service said mixed precipitation was imaginable successful the area, with up to 10 inches of snowfall possible, on with imaginable accumulations of ice.

Dave Nadler, a meteorologist with the Weather Service bureau successful Peachtree, Ga., said successful a briefing that immoderate crystal accumulation successful bluish Georgia could beryllium significant.

“We are looking astatine the imaginable for a important wintertime storm,” Mr. Nadler said. “The looks of that and the assurance of that is starting to increase.”

The tempest strategy volition past caput northeast toward the East Coast, Mr. Roth said. Wintry upwind volition beryllium imaginable successful respective cities, including Washington, Philadelphia and New York City, but details connected however overmuch oregon what benignant of precipitation were unclear.

“We’d beryllium successful a modulation portion wherever it mightiness commencement arsenic snow, past spell to rain, past spell backmost to snow,” Mr. Roth said.

The uncertainty successful the forecast could beryllium unnerving for those who unrecorded on Interstate 95 successful Virginia, aft a snowstorm aboriginal this month near hundreds of drivers stranded successful their vehicles for much than 24 hours.

Although determination is uncertainty successful the forecast on the I-95 corridor and to the east, the highest impacts and heaviest of immoderate snowfall is expected westbound of the area, according to the Weather Service.

Still, the Virginia Department of Transportation was not taking immoderate chances, and connected Thursday its crews began spraying portions of I-95 with a solution of brackish and brine, which helps forestall crystal from bonding to roadways.

“On Sunday, drivers should debar unnecessary question with the accidental of unsafe upwind and roadworthy conditions during oregon adjacent aft the storm,” the section said successful a statement. “Even with pre-treatment, icy to slick conditions stay possible.”

Finally, by precocious Sunday and into Monday, the strategy could bring snowfall to New York. Parts of upstate could grounds up to six inches of snowfall oregon more, but New York City volition astir apt not grounds important snowfall amounts, the Weather Service said.

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