Will Smith and more celebrate their SAG Award nominations

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(CNN)Nominations for the 2022 Screen Actors Guild Awards, highlighting acting enactment successful movie successful television, were announced Wednesday.

A compilation of reactions from immoderate of the nominees follows below.

Will Smith, nominated for outstanding show by antheral histrion successful a starring relation for "King Richard"

    Will Smith arsenic  Richard Williams successful  "King Richard."

    "I americium humbled and honored that the Williams household trusted maine with their communicative and that my chap actors person fixed our movie specified a lukewarm reception. Getting to locomotion successful Richard's shoes and having the opportunity, not lone to amusement the satellite however misunderstood helium was, but besides to illuminate the existent plight of this household arsenic they paved their ain roadworthy to becoming 2 of the astir iconic names successful sports history. AND to get to bash it with this perfectly beauteous formed of actors - Aunjanue, Jon, Tony and the powerhouse performances by 2 of the champion young actors I've ever seen connected film, Saniyya and Demi! I'm beyond grateful for this experience, for this ensemble formed being recognized, and americium mostly arrogant to play a tiny portion successful shining further airy and emotion connected the Williams family!"

      Elle Fanning, outstanding show by a pistillate histrion successful a drama bid for "The Great"

      Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult successful  "The Great."

      "Thank you to SAG-AFTRA. I americium honored to beryllium recognized by my peers for a relation that means truthful overmuch to me, alongside actors I greatly admire. 'The Great' is made imaginable by our fearless ensemble cast, our penning genius Tony McNamara, the tireless hours of our hardworking crew, and the 1 who raises our barroom each day, Nicholas Hoult."

      Ruth Negga, outstanding show by a pistillate histrion successful a supporting relation for "Passing"

      Ruth Negga and Tessa Thompson look  successful  "Passing."

      "I'm perfectly thrilled and wowed to person received a information from my peers and to beryllium successful specified good company! A precise peculiar convey you to 2 peculiar ladies: Rebecca Hall and Tessa Thompson. Was grateful to besides stock the surface with my peers André Holland, Alex Skarsgård, Ashley Ware Jenkins, Bill Camp, and everyone who was portion of this project. It's a large privilege to cognize them and to person worked with these wildly talented artists. Major shoutouts to Nina Yang Bongiovi, Margot Hand and Forest Whitaker."

      Elisabeth Moss, outstanding show by a pistillate histrion successful a play bid for "The Handmaid's Tale"

      Alexis Bledel and Elisabeth Moss successful  "The Handmaid's Tale."

      "What fantastic quality this morning! Safely making Season 4 of The Handmaid's Tale during the ongoing pandemic was a challenging undertaking but we are truthful incredibly arrogant of what we accomplished and receiving these SAG Award nominations is simply a beauteous cherry connected top. I'm astir particularly thrilled for our formed information arsenic I americium fortunate capable to enactment alongside immoderate of the champion actors successful the concern and I volition ne'er tyre of seeing them acknowledged. Seeing them enactment done the lens arsenic a manager this play gave maine an wholly caller emotion and appreciation for them arsenic artists and who they are arsenic people. They assistance maine and the unit up each day!"

      Troy Kotsur, outstanding show by a antheral histrion successful a supporting relation for "CODA"

      Emilia Jones, Troy Kotsur, Marlee Matlin and Daniel Durant successful  "CODA"

      "To accidental I americium without words is an understatement... Truly though, it was an grant to beryllium a portion of this communicative alongside my superb co-stars and manager Sian. I americium truthful grateful for each of them, and truthful thankful to Apple TV+ for each they person done to enactment this. Hopefully the designation that this beauteous movie is receiving tin service arsenic a reminder of conscionable however funny, complex, and almighty Deaf voices tin be, and that stories with actors who hap to beryllium Deaf tin beryllium mainstream stories. I americium humbled to beryllium nominated by SAG-AFTRA for my show and to beryllium nominated alongside this amazingly talented formed for the ensemble award."

      Michael Keaton, outstanding show by a antheral histrion successful a tv movie oregon constricted bid for "Dopesick"

      Michael Keaton successful  "Dopesick"

      "I americium not going to lie; this is meaningful due to the fact that this designation whitethorn bring much radical to ticker DOPESICK. The amusement shines a airy connected our country's ongoing and infuriating conflict against large pharma, corruption, and, acknowledgment to our leader, the incredibly smart, empathetic, and talented Danny Strong, it does truthful without judgement, recognizing the guiltless victims of prescribed opioid addiction and the families who endure successful the aftermath of this vicious cycle. As an actor, I person a full clump of reasons to consciousness grateful and cognize that the institution we support matters. On DOPESICK I was fortunate to play with immoderate existent Greats: Barry Levinson, Michael Cuesta, Patricia Riggen, Kaitlyn Dever, Will Poulter, Peter Sarsgaard, Mare Winningham, Ray McKinnon, Michael Stuhlbarg, Rosario Dawson, John Hoogenakker, Phillipa Soo, Jake McDorman, a kickass unit and producers who are champion successful people and kept america harmless successful COVID. Sometimes you get specified a superb script, it feels similar the enactment is done for you. Thanks to the SAG-AFTRA assemblage and I definite anticipation we are capable to observe safely unneurotic in-person."

        Juno Temple, outstanding show by a pistillate histrion successful a drama bid for "Ted Lasso"

        Hannah Waddingham and Juno Temple successful  "Ted Lasso"

        "I'm successful implicit daze and americium overjoyed by this designation from SAG. I'm thrilled for each my Ted Lasso family, astir particularly my beloved person and unit of quality Hannah Waddingham! It means truthful overmuch to beryllium recognized by my chap actors amongst this unthinkable radical of women, and I'm precise grateful."

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