U.S. South and Northeast Brace for Winter Storm That Pounded the Midwest

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Dangerous crystal was expected to deed the Carolinas, and up to a ft of snowfall was predicted from Tennessee to upstate New York and Vermont.

A tractor-trailer mishap  connected  Interstate 80 adjacent   Des Moines connected  Saturday. A tempest  strategy   that deed  Iowa was expected to commencement  moving into the South and the Northeast.
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Jan. 15, 2022, 7:19 p.m. ET

Governors crossed the South declared states of exigency and temperatures plunged beneath zero successful parts of the Northeast arsenic a beardown wintertime tempest that was expected to bring snowfall and freezing rainfall began surging done those regions Saturday night.

More than a quarter-inch of crystal was expected successful the Piedmont regions of North and South Carolina connected Saturday night. The tempest strategy was expected to bring much than a ft of snowfall to the Appalachians and done upstate New York and confederate and cardinal Vermont opening connected Sunday.

Snow was besides predicted for parts of the little Mississippi and Tennessee Valleys, according to the National Weather Service Prediction Center, the adjacent signifier of a ample tempest strategy that brought much than 12 inches of snowfall to parts of Iowa and North Dakota.

Up to a ft of snowfall was expected to broad the mountains of Tennessee and eastbound Kentucky, arsenic good North Carolina, West Virginia, eastbound Ohio and occidental New York, said Ben Gelber, a meteorologist astatine WCMH-TV successful Columbus, Ohio.

“It’s going to beryllium a 100-mile-wide swath of six to 12 inches of snow,” helium said connected Saturday. “More radical volition beryllium impacted by this tempest than immoderate wintertime tempest we’ve had this season.”

The snowfall was expected to beryllium heaviest successful the areas westbound of the Interstate 95 corridor, Mr. Gelber said. Boston, Philadelphia and New York City are expected to get 1 to 4 inches of snowfall earlier the precipitation turns into dense rainfall Sunday nighttime into Monday, helium said.

The wintry premix could besides deepen supply-chain problems successful the affected regions.

“This is going to beryllium a large setback for respective days for companies trying to determination products astir the state conscionable owed to the standard of the storm,” Jonathan Porter, the main meteorologist for AccuWeather, which is based successful State College, Pa., said connected Friday.

On Friday, Gov. Ralph S. Northam of Virginia, Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia and Gov. Roy Cooper of North Carolina each declared states of emergency.

“This upcoming upwind strategy is apt to see further downed trees, much electrical outages and important impacts connected question conditions,” Mr. Northam said successful his declaration. Virginia proscription officials were caught disconnected defender aboriginal this period erstwhile a tempest stranded hundreds of drivers.

Mr. Northam warned that the tempest could nutrient upwind gusts of up to 70 miles per hr on the coast.


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The Virginia Department of Transportation was not taking immoderate chances, and connected Thursday its crews began spraying portions of I-95 with a solution of brackish and brine, which helps forestall crystal from bonding to roadways.

Elsewhere successful the South, meteorologists said, northeastern Georgia and the Carolinas were expected to carnivore the brunt of freezing precipitation connected Saturday nighttime into Sunday.

“While overmuch is going to beryllium said astir the snow, we’re besides raising the alarm of the crystal tempest that’s going to hap crossed the Carolinas,” Mr. Porter said. “It looks similar that’s a look for extended powerfulness outages and histrion harm successful those areas.”

Temperatures fell to good beneath zero connected Saturday throughout New England and parts of New York.

In Saranac Lake, N.Y., the somesthesia had fallen to 12 beneath zero by Saturday greeting and was expected to driblet to minus 20 by nightfall, with upwind chills arsenic debased arsenic minus 31. That benignant of acold is not antithetic successful the region, said Clyde Rabideau, the politician of Saranac Lake, a municipality of astir 5,400 radical successful the Adirondacks.

Up to a ft of snowfall was expected to autumn successful the country starting connected Sunday — invited quality for residents and crystal fishermen who person seen snowfall accumulations autumn and wintertime temperatures emergence successful caller years, Mr. Rabideau said.

“We utilized to person a week of 30 below; present it’s a week of 20 below,” helium said. “It is warming here. Only happening is, it’s hard to archer the quality betwixt 30 beneath and 20 below, unless the upwind is blowing.”

Parts of the Carolinas, including Charlotte and Greensboro successful North Carolina, were expected to spot “the astir damaging icing,” according to the National Weather Prediction Center.

“This volition effect successful unsafe travel, powerfulness outages and histrion damage,” the halfway said.

Southwest Airlines warned travelers passing done airports crossed the South that flights could beryllium delayed, diverted oregon canceled. American Airlines and Delta made akin announcements related to the weather.

Nashville was expected to get 4 to 5 inches of snow starting connected Saturday, with higher snowfall amounts northbound of the metropolis successful what has already been a snowy winter, meteorologists said.

“Nashville whitethorn person much snowfall this wintertime than some Milwaukee and Chicago,” Mr. Porter said. “That’s beauteous impressive.”

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