Trump’s Covid and Election Falsehoods at Arizona Rally

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The erstwhile president falsely claimed that achromatic Americans were being denied the Covid-19 vaccine, among different inaccuracies.

Former President Donald J. Trump returned to Arizona connected  Saturday, delivering a code   that underlined the grade   to which helium  has elevated fringe beliefs.
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Linda Qiu

Jan. 16, 2022, 1:58 a.m. ET

WASHINGTON — During a rally successful Arizona connected Saturday, erstwhile President Donald J. Trump repeated his prevarication that the 2020 predetermination was stolen and made different mendacious claims astir the pandemic and the onslaught connected the Capitol connected Jan. 6 past year. Here’s a information check.

What Mr. Trump Said

“The near is present rationing lifesaving therapeutics based connected race, discriminating against and denigrating, conscionable denigrating, achromatic radical to find who lives and who dies. If you’re white, you don’t get the vaccine, oregon if you’re white, you don’t get therapeutics.”

False. There is nary grounds that achromatic Americans are being denied entree to vaccines oregon treatments.

Mr. Trump referred to a Wall Street Journal sentiment column criticizing New York State’s guidelines connected 2 constricted antiviral treatments that inquire wellness providers to prioritize the therapies for immunocompromised patients and those with hazard factors. The guidelines, which were released successful precocious December, said, “Nonwhite contention oregon Hispanic/Latino ethnicity should beryllium considered a hazard factor, arsenic longstanding systemic wellness and societal inequities person contributed to an accrued hazard of terrible unwellness and decease from Covid-19.”

State officials person defended their guidelines by citing data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which amusement that Black, Hispanic and Native Americans are astir doubly arsenic apt to dice from Covid-19 than achromatic Americans. A spokeswoman for New York State’s Department of Health told Fox News that contention did not disqualify patients from attraction but that the guidelines alternatively considered contention arsenic 1 hazard factor.

In New York, achromatic residents are much apt to beryllium vaccinated than Black residents, which is successful enactment with astir of the country.

What Mr. Trump Said

“Why did Nancy Pelosi and the Capitol Police cull the much than 10,000 National Guard troops oregon soldiers that I authorized to assistance power the tremendous assemblage that I knew was coming?”

False. There is nary grounds that Mr. Trump ever made a petition for 10,000 National Guard troops oregon that Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected specified a demand. The talker of the House does not power the National Guard.

Vanity Fair reported that Mr. Trump had floated the 10,000 fig to the acting defence caput astatine the time, Christopher C. Miller, the nighttime earlier Jan. 6, 2021, erstwhile Mr. Trump’s loyalists stormed the Capitol successful a bid to halt the certification of Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s predetermination victory. According to Mr. Miller, Mr. Trump had suggested 10,000 National Guard troops were required to incorporate the assemblage helium anticipated for his rally that day.

But determination is nary grounds of Mr. Trump making that request. The Pentagon’s timeline of events starring up to the riot notes that the Defense Department reviewed a program to activate 340 members of the District of Columbia’s National Guard, “if asked.” But the timeline makes nary notation of a petition of 10,000 troops by Mr. Trump. Nor did a Pentagon inspector wide report connected the breach, which alternatively referred to suggestions by Mr. Trump that his rally connected Jan. 6 had been conducted safely. A Pentagon spokesperson also told The Washington Post that it had “no grounds of specified an bid being given.”

What Mr. Trump Said

“So we lost, they say, by 10,000 and yet they flagged much than — perceive to these numbers — 57,000 highly suspicious ballots for further investigation, one. 23,344 mail-in ballots were counted contempt the idiosyncratic nary longer surviving astatine that code — little, small problem. Five 1000 radical look to person voted successful much than 1 county.”

Key Figures successful the Jan. 6 Inquiry

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False. Mr. Trump won the authorities of Arizona by astir 10,500 votes, but his assertion of tens of thousands of fraudulent votes is baseless. These figures are based connected a study by Cyber Ninjas, a institution Republicans hired to analyse voting successful the state.

Election officials have said that the claims the institution raised are not grounds of fraud. For example, Cyber Ninjas recovered that tens of thousands of voters did not unrecorded astatine addresses recorded by a circumstantial commercialized database, but predetermination officials person noted that assemblage students, subject unit oregon radical who ain abrogation homes could person antithetic addresses than those listed successful the database. Similarly, the company’s claims of treble voting could beryllium explained by the specified information that galore Arizona residents person the aforesaid sanction oregon commencement year.

Moreover, Cyber Ninjas itself failed to beryllium that Mr. Trump had won Arizona. Rather, its audit showed that successful Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix, Mr. Biden had 99 further votes and Mr. Trump had 261 less votes.

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