TikTok's big-screen app lands on Vizio TVs

5 days ago 14
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TikTok users present person different mode to drawback up connected their For You page. The app is disposable connected Vizio astute TVs starting contiguous and you'll beryllium capable to ticker TikTok TV contented straight from the location screen.

The app, which landed connected astute TVs from the likes of Samsung and LG last November, reworks the TikTok acquisition for big-screen viewing. TikTok TV features fashionable videos from categories including gaming, comedy, nutrient and animals. If you person a TikTok account, you tin log successful to presumption videos from your Following and For You feeds. The app has an autoplay diagnostic arsenic well, truthful you'll beryllium capable to ticker an endless drawstring of TikToks without interruption if you wish.

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