'The sweetest girl': Community continues to honor Milana Li

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BEAVERTON, Ore. (KOIN) — More than 5 days person passed since 13-year-old Milana Li was past seen and Beaverton Police person not released immoderate much accusation astir however she ended up dormant successful a watercourse successful a fashionable Beaverton park.

Li’s assemblage was recovered connected Tuesday day successful a watercourse adjacent the southbound extremity of Westside Linear Park. A makeshift memorial adjacent determination has grown each time since she was found.

Police accidental she was past seen Sunday astir 4 p.m. and her parent archetypal reported her missing by Monday astir 1 p.m.

“She’s the sweetest girl. It’s truthful hard to judge what happened,” Bota Munkibi, a household person said.

Munkibi says Milana and her younger sister would often travel implicit to play with her children. Milana adjacent baked her lad a day barroom 1 year.

“She was 11 erstwhile I archetypal met her and she had this beauteous smile, I’ll ne'er hide it,” Munkibi said.

Munkibi’s household moved from Kazakhstan to the Beaverton country 8 years ago. It was conscionable a mates of years agone she started uncovering families who were besides from the Central Asian nation. One of them happened to beryllium Milana’s.

“We are each from antithetic cities actually,” she stated. “Probably if we were successful Kazakhstan we ne'er would person go adjacent but, due to the fact that we are overseas and we are successful a antithetic country, we go similar families — not adjacent conscionable ‘community,’ it’s a family.”

Over the years, the families person shared traditions and holidays they would observe successful their location country. Now they travel unneurotic successful support, taking turns with Milana’s parent aft the teenager’s death. They bring her food, distractions, and company.

“We are each supporting. We are benignant of taking shifts, you know?” Munkibi said. “Who is with them? Who volition enactment overnight with them? The archetypal time erstwhile we recovered out, her small girl was with maine truthful I made definite I took attraction of her.”

It’s attraction emblematic of however Milana would attraction for her younger sister and the kids she would bent retired with, Munkibi said. She would play games with the kids, but besides navigator for them and cleanable up aft them.

The peculiar attraction Milana ever paid to her younger sister was striking to Munkibi.

“She’s a kid but she gives attraction to her small sister similar an adult,” Munkibi said. “I [have] ne'er seen what attraction she did [for] her small sister.”

It wasn’t conscionable her kindness and caring that were evident to radical astir her. In the fewer months earlier her death, Milana was starting Taekwondo astatine Murrayhill Martial arts.

“We were conscionable similar wow, I’ve ne'er seen idiosyncratic travel successful and bash a roundhouse footwear that well,” said Paige Sears, the nighttime acquisition manager astatine Murrayhill Martial Arts.

The kick, and the occurrence successful tying her loop connected the archetypal effort (a rarity, Sears says) earned her the nickname “The Prodigy” among the staff. It was a nickname Milana wasn’t alert of.

“She didn’t rather cognize however astonishing she was, that ever stood retired astir her and conscionable however overmuch effort she enactment into it,” Sears said.

Sears remembers her being shy astatine first, but her grin and positivity yet came through. The cognition Milana brought is what has made this week truthful pugnacious for Sears and her staff. Sears says it’s pugnacious to clasp backmost the tears.

“Everybody tin consciousness that she shouldn’t beryllium gone, she should inactive beryllium with us,” she said.

Munkibi’s girl can’t judge it either. Munkibi says, her girl looked up to Milana erstwhile they would bent out.

From what Munkibi gathered, it was a pugnacious modulation for Milana into mediate school.

“I conjecture mediate schoolhouse is precise hard here. She was an immigrant, she was Asian, she speaks Russian. I deliberation she was going done a batch of changes.” Munkibi said.

There is simply a GoFundMe leafage to assistance Milana’s household with things similar ceremonial costs. You tin find it here.

“We judge successful God and I judge that she’s successful the champion spot close now,” Munkibi continued. “She’s a kid and she’s the sweetest child. So she deserves the champion and she’s successful the champion place.”

The Beaverton Police Department tells KOIN 6 News they don’t expect to supply different update for respective much days. For a timeline of the lawsuit truthful far, click here.

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