The Polestar 5 will offer an 884 hp electric powertrain when it launches in 2024

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The Polestar 5 is making its archetypal nationalist quality astatine the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed successful West Sussex, England. A prototype of the upcoming four-door electrical GT sports car volition thrust up the Goodwood elevation doubly regular during the lawsuit that takes spot starting today, July 23rd, until July 26th arsenic portion of the "First Glance" radical of vehicles. Polestar's UK squad developed a "unique bonded aluminum chassis" for the EV, which the institution says is cardinal to achieving "a driving acquisition that is arsenic desirable arsenic the design."

The sports car's caller electrical powertrain is inactive nether improvement successful Sweden, though, wherever Polestar's sibling institution Volvo is besides based. Polestar 5 volition person a dual electrical centrifugal setup, with a rear electrical centrifugal that uses an 800-Volt architecture. In all, the implicit dual centrifugal powertrain is expected to present up to 884 horsepower (650 kW) and 663 lb-ft (900 Nm) of torque.

Jörg Brandscheid, Polestar's CTO and Head of R&D, says: 

"The caller powertrain we are moving connected volition acceptable a caller marque benchmark successful our high-performing cars. Combining beardown electrical centrifugal engineering quality with advances successful light-weight level exertion is starring to genuinely stunning driver's cars."

Polestar 5 is the accumulation mentation of a conception EV called Precept, which was introduced backmost successful 2020. When the institution announced that it was going to crook the conception into a existent vehicle, it said it was going to manufacture the EV astatine a caller c neutral installation successful China. The caller images of the Polestar 5 amusement that it inactive resembles the archetypal concept, with its "shark-like" chemoreceptor and geometric creasing, though the automaker could inactive marque changes to its last version. If you privation to spot however Polestar created a existent conveyance retired of a concept, you tin ticker a abbreviated bid astir the process connected YouTube

The institution plans to motorboat Polestar 5 successful 2024 aft launching the Polestar 3 and Polestar 4 electrical SUVs. With each these vehicles successful its lineup, including the Polestar 2, the marque is bound to go a veritable Tesla rival. Speaking of Polestar 2, the automaker is besides debuting a high-performance constricted variation mentation of the EV astatine Goodwood Festival, wherever attendees volition person the accidental to publication it for a trial drive.

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