SWAT Responds to a Synagogue in Dallas-Fort Worth Area

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U.S.|SWAT Responds to a Synagogue successful Dallas-Fort Worth Area


A antheral could beryllium heard shouting connected a livestream from Congregation Beth Israel successful Colleyville, Texas.

Heavily equipped  officers responded to Congregation Beth Israel, a synagogue successful  Colleyville, Texas, on Saturday.
Credit...Amanda Mccoy/Star-Telegram, via Associated Press

Jan. 15, 2022, 3:45 p.m. ET

Heavily equipped constabulary officers were responding connected Saturday to a synagogue successful the Dallas-Fort Worth area, wherever a antheral could beryllium heard shouting connected the congregation’s livestream.

The constabulary were responding to Congregation Beth Israel, a Reform synagogue successful Colleyville, Texas, a metropolis of astir 26,000 residents that is astir 15 miles northeast of Fort Worth.

“We are presently conducting SWAT operations astir the 6100 artifact of Pleasant Run Rd,” the Colleyville Police Department said connected Twitter astatine astir 12:30 p.m. section time. “All residents successful the contiguous country are being evacuated. Please debar the area.”

About 90 minutes later, the constabulary said the “situation” remained “ongoing.”

“We inquire that you proceed to debar the area,” the constabulary said.

The congregation had been scheduled to clasp a Saturday greeting Sabbath service, which was being livestreamed connected its Facebook page.

On the livestream, a antheral could beryllium heard shouting astir dying and not liking constabulary officers, though the discourse was not wide due to the fact that the watercourse was inaudible astatine times. A video of the livestream did not amusement what was going connected wrong the synagogue.

The antheral could besides beryllium heard asking to get his sister connected the telephone earlier the livestream stopped.

“It’s a deal,” helium said astatine 1 point. “It’s a woody I had with you.”

Congregation Beth Israel is led by Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker, according to its website.

“Please articulation maine successful supplication for the information of Rabbi Charlie and each the congregants astatine Congregation Beth Israel successful Colleyville,” Craig Goldman, a Texas authorities representative, said connected Twitter.

U.S. Representative Colin Allred of Texas said helium was praying for the congregants successful Colleyville.

“No 1 should person to fearfulness thing similar this whitethorn hap successful their spot of worship,” helium said on Twitter.

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