Playing Frogger with showers this weekend

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Got a large honey-do database this weekend? You’ll beryllium dodging showers portion of the weekend. Portland whitethorn get a full of 1 inch of rainfall from Friday nighttime until Sunday night.

This time, however, determination volition beryllium longer breaks successful betwixt showers. You’ll announcement the quality successful temperatures too: mid to precocious 60s with Sunday being the warmest day.

Snow levels are supra 7,000′ this weekend. Expect lingering snowfall successful the shadows connected hikes and astir higher elevation camping spots.

Feeling a spot of a acold enarthrosis lately? It’s not your deodorant, it’s the weather. Friday greeting started disconnected with a grounds regular debased temp astatine Hillsboro of 32, matching an aged grounds from 1964. This May truthful acold ranks arsenic 6th coldest for Portland and the coldest since 2011. Despite the chill and rainy weather, the amusement indispensable spell connected for outdoor sports. This play successful peculiar we person our eyes connected shot and baseball.

On Friday the Hops prevailed contempt getting 0.16″ of rainfall up until the 7th inning, astatine which clip the crippled ended aboriginal owed to rain. Hops won 4 – 1 against Spokane. I said it was going to rainfall during the full crippled Friday and it did indeed. Saturday nighttime it’s the Timbers and that evening lucifer is looking similar a mostly adust event.

A connection astir drought

Drought?! You’ve got to beryllium kidding, right? I mean, travel on, we’re h2o logged, beaver dammed, climbing connected Noah’s Ark here. To the contrary, drought is ongoing. Here’s an excerpt from NIDIS, National Integrated Drought Information System, astir our latest snowfall drought.

Snow Drought Update for May 5, 2022

The spatial grade of snowfall drought crossed the West, based connected the percent of median snowfall h2o equivalent (SWE) from aboriginal May, has decreased substantially implicit the past period owed to a bid of acold April storms. It should beryllium noted that by aboriginal May astir of the SNOTEL sites successful the West are already into the melt season, and the percent of median SWE for the day does not needfully bespeak highest SWE. The top improvements from these storms were successful the Pacific Northwest and bluish Rockies, wherever SWE is present adjacent mean oregon supra normal.

Many of the SNOTEL sites successful Oregon and Washington recorded grounds precocious April precipitation, and the region’s temperatures were good beneath normal, which translated to ample gains successful the snowpack. Southern Idaho, which is facing important h2o proviso shortages connected April 1, saw a humble emergence successful h2o proviso forecast owed to precipitation and chill upwind slowing the melt-out of the snowpack. While astir of confederate Idaho had precipitation rates conscionable beneath mean successful April, the Weiser, Payette, Boise, Big Wood, and Snake River basins each received betwixt 135% and 146% of mean precipitation successful April. Record precocious April SWE increases are indicative of the dilatory melt-out and increased, astatine immoderate sites grounds high, precipitation. This bedewed and chill April was not astir capable to flooded semipermanent precipitation deficits and debased snowpack and aboriginal accelerated melt-out successful respective areas, which proceed to thrust persistent drought conditions passim overmuch of Oregon and Idaho. The aboriginal melt-out successful operation with snowpack peaking astatine levels importantly beneath the 1991–2020 median highest person resulted successful an unfavorable outlook for h2o proviso availability during the summer.
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