'Only Murders in the Building' doesn't miss a beat in getting back on the case

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(CNN)Understandably determined not to messiness with success, "Only Murders successful the Building" returns with a 2nd play that self-consciously plays to its strengths, portion layering the caller enigma laid retired by its cliffhanger ending connected apical of the aged one. It's each spot arsenic breezy and fun, with tons of winking references to "Season 2" (the podcast, naturally, but you get the idea).

Having solved the execution that occupied their archetypal adventure, the improbable trio of Charles (Steve Martin), Oliver (Martin Short) and Mabel (Selena Gomez) crook their attraction to the adjacent 1 of their neighbors to crook up dead. Plus, they person caller cameos to spice up the proceedings, similar Amy Schumer arsenic Amy Schumer, who instantly pitches the beyond-receptive Oliver connected the thought of transforming the podcast into a constricted series, because, well, showbiz.

Being quirky tin beryllium harder than it looks, but the amusement nicely delivers connected that -- employing shifting narrators, uncovering a caller (and humiliating) acting occupation for Charles and extending unusual flourishes similar having Jane Lynch play his stunt double, oregon much enactment for Tina Fey's ruthless podcaster and her beleaguered assistant.

    Once again, the enigma itself truly doesn't substance each that much, arsenic the episodes determination on with assorted clues and revelations portion deriving astir of their pleasance from unusual moments, similar Short delivering an homage to the movie "Last of the Mohicans" portion trapped successful a stairwell during a powerfulness outage.

      While the amusement possibly inevitably doesn't consciousness rather arsenic caller this 2nd clip around, it gets plentifulness of mileage retired of those tiny touches and the wide obsession with existent crime. Just practically speaking, the timing of its instrumentality seems designed to maximize its vulnerability with the adjacent circular of Emmy nominations owed successful a fewer weeks, which worked retired beauteous good for "Ted Lasso."

        "You tin archer it's our 2nd season," Oliver says astatine 1 point, referring to the podcast, but similar everything other here, providing a benignant of meta commentary connected the workings of Hollywood and the amusement itself.

          You tin indeed, which doesn't forestall "Only Murders" from surviving up to its modestly scaled ambitions and erstwhile again knocking 'em dead.

            "Only Murders successful the Building" begins its 2nd play June 28 connected Hulu.

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