Nothing phone (1) benchmark suggests Snapdragon 778+ processor

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(Pocket-lint) - A leaked benchmark effect suggests Nothing's archetypal smartphone won't beryllium an all-powerful flagship. Instead, the institution appears to beryllium going down the way of utilizing a highly susceptible mid-range chipset instead. 

The effect successful question was recovered connected Geekbench and indicates that the Nothing telephone (1) volition beryllium powered by the Snapdragon 778+, not 1 of the higher-powered 8-series chipsets. 

It's been wide since the opening that Nothing's superior absorption has been connected design, and making a telephone that looks antithetic to the remainder of the phones connected the market. With the transparent rear design, it surely does that. 

From a functionality and spec constituent of view, it besides looks similar there's a absorption connected making a telephone that's a solid, practical, effortless mundane device. One that works good with different products, similar its ain earphones

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Nothing's not trying to marque the fastest, astir almighty smartphone with the champion Geekbench results. In fact, you could reason that it would beryllium foolish adjacent to effort it fixed the investment-to-return ratio. 

Building a precise solid, unsocial telephone priced competitively makes a batch much sense. And you mostly can't bash that if you person the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 onboard, not unless you're consenting to compromise connected different features that are arguably much important to astir radical (like cameras). 

Time volition archer if the attack volition succeed. Nothing telephone (1) volition motorboat adjacent month. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.

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