New Doctor Strange Action Figure Is Scarily Realistic, Has Arm Vipers

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When I was a kid, I had a Luke Skywalker enactment fig with a lightsaber that slid retired of his wrist. It was 1 of my prized possessions, adjacent though the details were lacking. This mentation of Luke looked much similar an elf from the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer claymation movie than histrion Mark Hamill. His lightsaber was besides oddly yellowish alternatively of bluish – a item I ever thought was odd.

The constituent being, enactment figures person travel a LONG mode since then. Hot Toys' latest Doctor Strange successful the Multiverse of Madness enactment fig looks truthful realistic it could beryllium successful a wax museum. Benedict Cumberbatch's facial detailing is spot on, and the 30 points of articulation let for galore of his spell-casting poses to beryllium recreated. To marque definite these spell motions look conscionable similar successful the movie, Hot Toys includes implicit a twelve interchangeable hands with fingers pointing each which way. You'll besides find 5 mystic powers to spell on with immoderate of the hands to genuinely merchantability the effects of the spell. 

The fig is 31 centimeters successful tallness and comes with a assortment of accessories, similar the Book of Vishanti, 2 sling rings, an amulet, handcuffs, mystic vipers, and truthful overmuch more.

Hot Toys hasn't fixed america a terms yet, but it's expected to vessel successful either the 3rd oregon 4th fourth of 2023. You tin find retired much astir this astonishing fig astatine Hot Toys' authoritative site. Check retired images of this fig successful enactment below:

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