MAGA Bill Maher Claims Kids Are Coming Out As Trans Because It Is Trendy

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Bill Maher continued his question into afloat civilization warfare MAGA by accusing kids who travel retired arsenic trans arsenic doing it to beryllium trendy.

Bill Maher Thinks Trans Kids Coming Out Is Trendy


Maher said connected his HBO amusement Real Time:

This is simply a improvement we request to instrumentality into relationship erstwhile we look astatine this issue. Yes, portion of the emergence successful LGBT numbers is from radical feeling escaped capable to archer it to a pollster and that’s each to the good, but immoderate of it is — it’s trendy.

If you be a tiny meal enactment of typically precise liberal, upper-income Angelenos, it is not uncommon to perceive parents who each person a trans kid having a speech astir that. What are the likelihood of that happening successful Youngstown, Ohio? If this spike successful trans children is each natural, wherefore is it regional? Either Ohio is shaming them oregon California is creating them… If we can’t admit that successful definite enclaves determination was immoderate level of trendiness to the thought of being thing different than straight, past this is not a serious, science-based discussion. It’s a stroke being struck successful the civilization wars utilizing children arsenic cannon fodder.

Bill Maher’s Comments Are Damaging To Trans People

Someone amended archer Bill Maher that determination are trans kids and adults successful immoderate of the smallest towns successful America, and these individuals look capable challenges conscionable trying to beryllium themselves without MAGA Maher coming astatine them with yet different rant against change.

Bill Maher has go that aged achromatic feline for whom everything was amended mode backmost when. Not coincidentally, mode backmost erstwhile was besides the clip erstwhile achromatic guys similar Bill Maher had each of the powerfulness and could bash immoderate they pleased with nary consequences.

People Tried To Warn The Left About Bill Maher For Years

There are radical who person tried to pass the near astir Bill Maher for years. Women and Muslims are 2 groups who saw done Maher and warned astir his toxicity.

Maher Has Aged Into Fox News

Mostly though, Bill Maher has ever been an opportunist. Maher goes wherever helium thinks helium tin find an audience. MAGA was a logical endpoint for his career. Maher is getting old, and his rants dependable much and much similar Fox News each week.

Read a review of Bill Maher’s latest stand-up peculiar from a younger spectator to recognize however retired of interaction and into Fox News onshore Maher has drifted.

Maher was a batch of amusive for the near erstwhile helium was bashing Republicans. Many of us, including myself, turned a unsighted oculus to his toxicity, and for that, we beryllium those astir america an apology, but recognize that Maher calling trans kids a inclination is not a gimmick. Bill Maher is being who helium is with each of his ugliness connected display.

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