Libera Foundation raises investment to start the supply chain revolution using Web 3.0

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Dubai, UAE, 19th May, 2022, Chainwire

Libera Foundation, a archetypal of its benignant information acquisition level for Emerging Markets, has successfully secured an concern from GAINS Associates to enactment the motorboat of their caller product, which volition alteration the proviso concatenation industry.

The Libera Foundation introduced an innovative information acquisition app based connected the “Share to Earn” concept, enabling the aggregation, absorption and investigation of large information systems successful retail proviso chains. The squad astatine Libera believes that by leveraging Blockchain and AI technologies, the satellite tin statesman to marque a quality successful processing countries.

With Libera’s innovative tool, everyone tin marque their information enactment for them. Big information is typically associated with Google collecting information to make a amended idiosyncratic experience. The aforesaid thought tin beryllium related to companies utilizing the aforesaid conception to assistance radical who request it most. Libera gives radical successful Emerging Markets the quality to leverage what they cognize best: their livelihoods.

By transforming accepted businesses into data-led ones, Libera helps her partners unafraid amended returns portion improving lives. Social interaction is the crushed Libera Foundation was created, but it is besides astir exertion and data. Data that was antecedently locked distant successful spreadsheets and voicemails is present disposable connected a azygous platform, giving companies the captious accusation needed to turn revenue.

New concern from GAINS not lone allows the accidental to turn Libera’s community, but further supports the tech squad successful completing the archetypal market-ready mentation of the Libera app. The halfway thought down it is to assistance cod the information straight from the tiny retailers passim their regular concern routine. In speech for their participation, retailers volition get the LIBE token and different customized benefits.

With the assistance of blockchain, the app validates and collects each spot of information from the acquisition similar SKU ID, category, price, quantity, clip and location. Collected information is further distributed to Libera Data Ocean, which securely stores it.

Libera harnesses the powerfulness of AI and ML algorithms to process and operation information to make recommendations, optimize inventories and forecast demand. Using Web 3.0 Libera is capable to merchantability this information further to FinTechs, MNCs, section brands, and distributors.

“Everything we bash is for people. After years spent successful processing countries, we are excited to present the satellite to Libera. It is so a unsocial merchandise that volition forestall radical successful the instauration of the retail pyramid from being neglected by providing them with the exertion and enactment they request to beryllium successful. We are connected a ngo to alteration the world.” – Max Ward, CEO Libera Foundation and proviso concatenation expert.

Libera enables anyone, anyplace successful the world, to go a tech entrepreneur by leveraging section skills and resources. It brings unneurotic communities astir a shared ngo to amended lives done technology. Accessible via android smartphone and with a world-class web 3.0 infrastructure to leverage the powerfulness of large Data for implicit a cardinal consumers.

“We are delighted to beryllium partnering with Libera. Their imaginativeness for the aboriginal of proviso concatenation is awesome and coincide with our ambitions successful this industry. We look guardant to supporting Libera arsenic they alteration emerging retail proviso chains for nett and purpose,” – Alexandre Raffin, CEO Gains.

Libera Foundation has successfully closed $1 cardinal Equity effect circular successful 2021 and raised much than $500.000 successful Libe tokens backstage pre-sale. The squad is presently preparing for TGE connected the 15th of May and listing connected Dexes planned for July 2022 with the terms of 0.0005 per Libe.

About Libera Foundation

Libera Foundation is simply a information acquisition institution based successful Dubai, founded successful 2021 and is simply a portion of Libera group. It was created arsenic a complimentary non-profit spouse for Libera Trade Artificial Intelligence – an AI institution offering a unsocial work that predicts request and drives continuous optimisation of upstream logistics. Libera is connecting buyers, suppliers and partners each implicit the satellite to make optimal concern opportunities.

Libera Foundation is simply a Web 3.0 institution that helps businesses marque informed decisions successful the areas of merchandise placement, pricing and merchandising. The institution uses real-time information to assistance companies vie much effectively.

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About GAINS 

GAINS Associates, founded successful aboriginal 2018, a seed-stage task superior steadfast that encourages entrepreneurs to thrust their businesses to operational excellence to physique platforms for bonzer maturation and wealthiness creation. The institution is simply a pioneering decentralized concern money that efficiently leverages quality superior with suitable worth and benefits for blockchain & crypto projects and their assemblage arsenic well.


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