iFixit will sell replacement parts for almost every Steam Deck component

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We knew going into the motorboat of Valve’s Steam Deck DIY repairs would beryllium easier than astir modern electronics. And present it looks similar uncovering replacement parts won’t beryllium hard either. On Friday evening, iFixit prematurely published a database of components it volition connection for Valve’s handheld. The database revealed the institution plans to merchantability spare parts for astir each constituent recovered successful Steam Deck, including replacement motherboards implicit with the handheld’s customized Aerith chipset from AMD.

Earlier contiguous we published immoderate pages related to our upcoming parts motorboat with Valve. These went unrecorded earlier than we planned, truthful we ended up taking them down. If you did get a parts bid in, we'll grant it. 💙

Stay tuned for the existent motorboat soon!

— iFixit (@iFixit) May 21, 2022

As The Verge points out, the institution volition adjacent merchantability parts that could beryllium considered upgrades. For instance, if you ain the 64GB oregon 256GB model, you tin bargain the 512GB variant's show to get the anti-glare surface that comes connected that mentation of the handheld. For immoderate sheet replacements, you tin besides walk an other $5 to get a “Fix Kit” that comes with each the tools you request to implicit a surface swap.

One portion iFixit won’t merchantability instantly is replacement batteries. It volition connection those astatine a aboriginal date. “We don’t person a solution for artillery repairs connected time one, but we are committed to moving with Valve to support these devices arsenic they age,” iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens told The Verge. “Battery replacements are going to beryllium indispensable to making the Steam Deck basal the trial of time.”

Other spare parts that won’t beryllium disposable connected time 1 see replacements for the Steam Deck’s touchpads and look buttons. Most of the components are reasonably priced. For example, you’ll request to walk $20 to repair a breached thumbstick. The astir costly portion connected the database is simply a caller motherboard, which volition acceptable you backmost $350. With a implicit handheld from Valve starting astatine $400, it won’t beryllium economical to physique your ain Steam Deck with parts from iFixit, but for astir repairs, the institution volition person you covered.  

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