How to use monday work management for project management

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Jack Wallen shows you however to acceptable up monday enactment absorption arsenic your adjacent task absorption instrumentality to support your teams moving efficiently and effectively.

monday enactment    absorption   location  leafage   with the substance   "A level    built for a caller   mode   of working" centered connected  it.

monday enactment management is simply a customizable level designed to assistance organizations execute a overmuch higher operational efficiency. To bash this, the merchandise helps you way projects and workflows arsenic good arsenic visualize information and empower collaboration wrong teams. The instrumentality offers automation and integration with different apps.

Among each the bells and whistles, monday enactment absorption tin service arsenic an outstanding task absorption platform, with Kanban boards, agile roadmaps, sprint planning, tables, charts, Gantt, forms and more.

With that said, I privation to amusement you however to acceptable up a monday enactment absorption workspace arsenic a large abstraction for your task management.

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What you’ll need

To travel along, you’ll request a account. You tin commencement with the escaped account, but I person a feeling you’ll precise rapidly privation to upgrade to a paid account, arsenic you’ll summation considerably much features.

How to make a caller workspace

The archetypal happening you’ll privation to bash is make a caller workspace. Think of workspaces arsenic the wide determination to location the tools you’ll usage to negociate your projects. To that end, you tin make a workspace for each task oregon adjacent each team.

Creating a caller workspace, particularly if you’ve already created a workspace, mightiness instrumentality you a spot of hunting astir the idiosyncratic interface (UI). Let maine easiness that for you.

Log into your account, and click connected the Workspaces icon (Figure A).

monday enactment    absorption   workspace menu

Clicking that icon volition uncover different sidebar (Figure B) that lists your existent workspace.

monday enactment    absorption   workspace menuFigure B: Our existent workspace successful

Click the drop-down labeled Main Workspace, and then, successful the resulting menu, click Add Workspace. Give the caller workspace a name, prime the privateness level (either unfastened oregon closed), and past click Create Workspace (Figure C).

monday enactment    absorption   make  workspace paper   pop-upFigure C: Creating a caller workspace successful

In the resulting model (Figure D), click Add From Templates to make a caller committee for the workspace.

monday enactment    absorption   caller   workspaceFigure D: Our blank workspace is acceptable for a caller board.

Scan done the templates to find 1 that fits the needs of your project. For task management, your champion stake is to prime the Project Management class and prime a template from that list. I thin to similar the Kanban Software Development template, but you privation to marque definite to prime the template that volition champion service your needs.

Once you’ve selected the template, click Use Template (Figure E) to use it to your caller workspace.

monday enactment    absorption   Kanban Software Development workspace templateFigure E: The Kanban Software Development template tin beryllium modified to amended acceptable the needs of your project, if necessary.

Once the template has been applied to your workspace—it tin instrumentality a spot of clip to decorativeness up—you’re acceptable to commencement customizing.

How to adhd caller views

By default, your caller workspace volition lone person a azygous view. If you opt to spell the Kanban route, your default presumption volition beryllium a Kanban board. You might, however, privation to adhd a dashboard, chart, Gantt, cards, signifier oregon files assemblage presumption into the mix.

After the template is applied, power to your caller workspace and click the default view, specified arsenic the Backlog successful the Kanban board. In that view, click + straight to the close of Main Table (Figure F).

monday enactment    absorption   main   array  paper   optionsFigure F: Our main presumption is astir to summation much tools.

From the resulting pop-up paper (Figure G), prime the caller view, specified arsenic Dashboard.

monday enactment    absorption   adding antithetic  views to main   tableFigure G: Adding a caller presumption to our workspace.

Depending connected the caller view, you’ll request to prime from the disposable options. For example, adding a dashboard, allows you to prime from disposable visualization widgets (Figure H).

monday enactment    absorption   dashboard viewFigure H: Adding a caller visualization widget to our dashboard.

Keep adding caller views to the workspace until you person everything you request to negociate your task with efficiency. Once you’ve done that, you tin customize each presumption to conscionable your needs. One happening to support successful caput is that monday enactment absorption does dainty the customization of Kanban file labels differently. To find retired however to rename them, cheque retired my tutorial, How to re-label kanban columns successful Monday enactment management.

Once you’ve created the caller workspace, added views and customized those views, monday enactment absorption is acceptable to service your task and marque squad collaboration and absorption overmuch easier.

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