How to use dialer codes on your iPhone to view technical data

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By entering codes, you tin uncover circumstantial information astir your iPhone and adjacent alteration definite settings.

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You whitethorn beryllium trying to troubleshoot a occupation with your iPhone, oregon conscionable looking for definite accusation for your ain knowledge, and you’re having occupation uncovering the close features oregon settings.

Instead of hunting done the accustomed screens, you tin uncover and adjacent alteration definite details and settings via the close dialer codes. By typing a circumstantial series of numbers and characters astatine the keypad, you tin entree cardinal features that would different beryllium hard to find.

Here’s a database of dialer codes and the accusation they’ll retrieve for you.

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Ways to usage iPhone dialer codes

Check the IMEI Number

Similar to a serial number, the IMEI fig is utilized to place your telephone type, carrier, network, state and different details. A mobile bearer volition sometimes inquire for the IMEI fig to assistance with troubleshooting oregon relationship changes.

You tin find the IMEI fig by searching done your Settings screen, but utilizing a dialer codification is easier. At the keypad, pat *#06#, and the fig appears on with the EID and MEID numbers (Figure A).

Figure A

Figure-A-Dialer-codes-iphone-access-view-technical-dataImage: Lance Whitney/TechRepublic.

Check your information usage

These codes disagree by carrier. For AT&T, pat *3282#. For Verizon Wireless, pat #3282. And for T-Mobile, pat #932#.

After tapping the code, property the telephone icon to spot a telephone to your carrier. The resulting accusation appears arsenic a substance connection oregon notification showing however overmuch information you’ve utilized for the existent billing cycle. Don’t hide to bent up the telephone aft the substance has arrived (Figure B).

Figure B

Figure-B-Dialer-codes-iphone-access-view-technical-dataImage: Lance Whitney/TechRepublic.

Enter tract trial mode

Field trial mode displays a batch of method information astir cellular activity, astir of which is apt useless to you but whitethorn beryllium of assistance to an technologist oregon enactment idiosyncratic trying to assistance with a method problem. To entree this mode, pat *3001#12345#* and past pat the telephone icon. The resulting dashboard reveals accusation astir your bandwidth and related metrics (Figure C).

Figure C

Figure-C-Dialer-codes-iphone-access-view-technical-dataImage: Lance Whitney/TechRepublic.

Make a trial call

To marque definite your phone’s calling diagnostic is working, you tin spot a trial call, though this seems lone to beryllium disposable with Verizon. To effort this out, dial #832. An automated connection should archer you that your trial telephone was palmy (Figure D).

Figure D

Figure-D-Dialer-codes-iphone-access-view-technical-dataImage: Lance Whitney/TechRepublic.

Turn disconnected caller ID for your phone

If you’re investigating your phone’s quality to marque calls and don’t privation your fig to amusement up connected the different end, you tin crook disconnected caller ID erstwhile dialing a circumstantial number. To bash this, benignant *67 followed by the number, arsenic successful *67-555-123-4567. Your fig volition amusement up arsenic backstage oregon anonymous connected the receiving telephone (Figure E).

Figure E

Figure-E-Dialer-codes-iphone-access-view-technical-dataImage: Lance Whitney/TechRepublic.

Check your relationship balance

You tin find retired however overmuch you beryllium connected your existent measure done a dialer code, which varies somewhat by carrier. For AT&T, participate *225# astatine the keypad. For Verizon Wireless, participate #225. And for T-Mobile, participate #225#. Tap the telephone icon. A substance oregon notification past appears with your relationship equilibrium (Figure F).

Figure F

Figure-F-Dialer-codes-iphone-access-view-technical-dataImage: Lance Whitney/TechRepublic.

View your minutes and messages

Finally, you tin spot however galore minutes you’ve utilized for your calling program successful the existent billing cycle. For AT&T, dial *646#. For Verizon, dial #646. For T-Mobile, dial #646#. Tap the telephone icon. A substance connection oregon notification displays the fig of minutes and messages you’ve utilized for the existent rhythm (Figure G).

Figure G

Figure-G-Dialer-codes-iphone-access-view-technical-dataImage: Lance Whitney/TechRepublic.
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