How to create Gantt chart in monday work management

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How to make Gantt illustration successful monday enactment absorption

Jack Wallen shows you however to adhd a Gantt illustration to your monday enactment absorption workspaces to empower your task scheduling.

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gantt illustration  representation  of a project.Credit: Adobe

monday enactment management is simply a almighty instrumentality that offers a wealthiness of features to empower astir immoderate benignant of project, team, and/or organization. With this platform, you person entree to kanban boards, dashboards, tables, charts, cards, forms, files galleries, apps and Gantt charts.

A Gantt illustration is simply a circumstantial benignant of barroom illustration that illustrates a project’s schedule. Think of it this way: A Gantt illustration is to a calendar what a kanban committee is to tasks. In different words, they marque it precise casual to visualize a calendar associated with a task to show the advancement of assorted tasks.

Where a kanban committee shows however a task is moving on a timeline, a Gantt illustration displays a percent of the advancement for idiosyncratic tasks wrong a project. For some, kanban boards are enough, but for others, Gantt charts are an implicit must.

So, however bash you make a Gantt Chart connected monday enactment management? Let maine amusement you.

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What you’ll need

To make a Gantt illustration connected monday enactment management, you volition request a paid account, arsenic the diagnostic isn’t disposable successful the escaped version. The paid accounts scope from $6.00 per spot per period for the Basic relationship to $22 per spot per period for the Pro account. However, lone the Standard, Pro and Enterprise plans connection Gantt Charts.

It’s besides important to enactment that there’s a minimum of 3 seats per plan, truthful a Standard program volition outgo you a minimum of $30.00 per month, which is billed annually. That means if you privation Gantt charts, you’re paying a minimum of $360.00 per twelvemonth for 3 seats. But if you’d similar to effort earlier you buy, you tin trial the Standard program for 15 days.

How to adhd a Gantt Chart to your monday enactment absorption workspace

First, determination are definite templates you tin add, specified arsenic the Single Project template, that already see a Gantt view. The Single Project template is recovered successful the Project Management conception of the Template Center (Figure A).

monday enactment    absorption   template optionsFigure A: The Single Project template is casual to adhd and includes a full-blown Gantt Chart.

But, let’s accidental you created your workspace utilizing a template that doesn’t see Gantt charts. From your project’s default view, click + straight to the close of your past presumption (Figure B).

monday enactment    absorption   Single Project paper   tabsFigure B: I’ve already added a Gantt illustration to my workspace.

From the resulting pop-up paper (Figure C), click Gantt.

monday enactment    absorption   presumption    options pop-upFigure C: Adding a caller Gantt illustration to a workspace.

You volition beryllium allowed to rename the caller Gantt illustration (Figure D), which tin beryllium adjuvant if you program connected adding aggregate Gantt charts to a azygous workspace.

monday enactment    absorption   renaming presumption    tabFigure D: Renaming my caller Gantt chart.

Once you’ve added the caller Gantt chart, hover your cursor implicit the sanction and click the meatball menu. From the pop-up paper (Figure E), you tin prime from:

  • Add To My Favorites
  • Rename
  • Duplicate
  • Share
  • Delete
  • Set As Board Default
monday enactment    absorption   presumption    tab paper   optionsFigure E: Configuring my caller Gantt chart.

If the Gantt illustration presumption is to beryllium your superior focus, click Set As Board Default, and each clip you unfastened the workspace it volition default to that view.

And that’s each determination is to adding a Gantt illustration to a monday enactment absorption workspace. Do this, and your quality to support connected apical of that project’s calendar volition beryllium exponentially easier.

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