How to buy a vlogging camera

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With the detonation of TikTok and the maturation of video connected YouTube, Twitch, Instagram and different platforms, involvement successful vlogging has accrued exponentially since we past updated our guide. If you’re 1 of those creators and a smartphone is nary longer bully enough, it whitethorn beryllium clip to upgrade to a purpose-built vlogging camera.

Some models are specifically designed for vlogging, similar Sony’s ZV-E10 mirrorless camera that launched past year, oregon Panasonic’s compact G100. Others, similar the caller Panasonic GH6, Sony A7S III and Canon EOS R6 are hybrid cameras that connection vlogging arsenic portion of a larger toolset.

All of them person definite things successful common, similar flip-around screens, face- and/or eye-detect autofocus and stabilization. Prices, features and prime tin alteration wide among models, though. To that end, we’ve updated our usher with each the latest models designed for each vlogger from novice to professional, successful each terms ranges. Engadget has tested each of these to springiness you the champion imaginable recommendations, and we’ll adjacent sermon a fewer rumored upcoming models.

One caveat to this year’s usher is that a parts shortage has constricted accumulation of galore cameras, causing shortages and higher prices. Sony, for one, halted accumulation of the aforementioned ZV-E10 for a time, and models from Fujifilm and others are besides hard to find. The bully quality is that the shortage appears to beryllium easing, truthful hopefully we’ll spot mean proviso levels successful the adjacent future. 

What bash you request successful a vlogging camera?

Vlogging cameras are designed for filmmakers who often enactment unsocial and either usage a tripod, gimbal, conveyance equine oregon conscionable their hands to clasp a camera. It has to beryllium bully not conscionable for filming yourself, but different “B-roll” footage that helps archer your story.

The fig 1 request is simply a flip-around surface truthful you tin spot yourself portion filming. Those tin rotate up, down oregon to the side, but flipping retired to the broadside is preferable truthful a tripod oregon microphone won’t artifact it.

How to bargain  a vlogging camera successful  2020Steve Dent/Engadget

Continuous autofocus (AF) for video with look and oculus detection is besides a must. It becomes your camera “assistant,” keeping things successful absorption portion you ore connected your content. Most cameras tin bash that nowadays, but immoderate inactive bash it amended than others.

If you determination astir oregon locomotion a lot, you should look for a camera with built-in optical stabilization. Electronic stabilization is different enactment arsenic agelong arsenic you’re alert of the limitations. You’ll besides request a camera with a accelerated sensor that limits rolling shutter, which tin make a distracting jello “wobble” with speedy camera movements.

4K signaling is different cardinal feature. All cameras nowadays tin sprout 4K up to astatine slightest 24 fps, but if possible, it’s amended to person 4K astatine 60 oregon adjacent 120 fps. If you sprout sports oregon different things involving accelerated movement, look for a exemplary with astatine slightest 1080p astatine 120 fps for slow-motion recording.

Video prime is different important consideration, particularly for tegument tones. Good airy sensitivity helps for nighttime shooting, concerts, etcetera, and a log illustration helps amended dynamic scope successful precise agleam oregon acheronian shooting conditions. If you privation the champion imaginable representation prime and tin spend it, get a camera that tin grounds 4K with 10-bits (billions) of colors. That volition springiness you much options erstwhile you spell to edit.

Don’t neglect audio either — if the prime is bad, your assemblage volition disengage. Look for a camera with a microphone larboard truthful you tin plug successful a shotgun oregon lapel mic for interviews, oregon astatine slightest 1 with a good-quality built-in microphone. It’s besides bully to person a headphone larboard to show dependable truthful you tin debar nasty surprises aft you’ve finished shooting.

You’ll besides privation bully artillery beingness and, if possible, dual representation paper slots for a backup. Finally, don’t hide astir your camera’s size and weight. If you’re perpetually carrying 1 portion shooting, particularly astatine the extremity of a gimbal oregon gorillapod, it mightiness really beryllium the astir important factor. That’s wherefore tiny GoPro cameras are truthful fashionable for sports, contempt offering little representation prime and less pro features.

The champion enactment and portable cameras

If you’re conscionable starting retired successful vlogging oregon request a small, rugged camera, an enactment cam mightiness beryllium your champion bet. In general, they’re casual to usage arsenic you don’t person to interest astir things similar vulnerability oregon focus. Recent models besides connection bully physics stabilization and sharp, colorful video astatine up to 4K and 60 fps. The downsides are a deficiency of control; representation prime that’s not connected par with larger cameras; and nary zooming oregon enactment to alteration lenses.

DJI Pocket II

DJI Pocket 2


Last clip astir we recommended the archetypal Osmo Pocket, but the Pocket II (no much “Osmo”) has immoderate large improvements. As before, it’s mounted connected a three-axis gimbal and has awesome look tracking that keeps your taxable locked successful focus. However, the caller exemplary has a larger, overmuch higher solution 64-megapixel sensor, a faster lens with a wider tract of presumption and improved microphones. As before, you tin get accessories similar an hold rod, a waterproof lawsuit and more.

What truly makes the Pocket II large for vlogging are the travel modes combined with look tracking. If you’re moving solo, you tin simply acceptable it up and it’ll rotate and tilt to travel you around. That besides applies for walk-and-talk vlogging, truthful you don’t person to interest astir absorption oregon adjacent pointing the camera astatine yourself. For $346, it’s not lone bully for beginners, but is simply a useful instrumentality for immoderate vlogger.

Buy DJI Pocket II astatine Amazon - $349

GoPro Hero 10 Black

The GoPro Hero 10 Black is $100 disconnected  astatine  Amazon


The Hero 10 Black is what we called a “big, invisible upgrade” implicit the Hero 9, itself a overmuch improved camera implicit the Hero 8 Black we recommended past time. That’s mostly owed to the caller processor that unlocks features similar higher-resolution 5.3K 60p and 4K 120fps video, overmuch improved Hypersmooth 4.0 stabilization, an improved front-screen and more. All of that makes it perfect to equine connected a drone, vehicle, helmet, bicycle and more, astatine a precise manageable $350 terms with a 1-year GoPro subscription.

Buy Hero 10 Black bundle astatine GoPro - $350

DJI Action 2

Someone holds up   the caller   DJI Action 2 camera against a dingy monotone background.


DJI took a overmuch antithetic attack compared to GoPro with its latest Action 2 camera – nary with much Osmo branding. Rather than being a standalone camera, it’s a modular strategy with a magnetic equine that lets you adhd a touchscreen module with a secondary OLED show and 3 further microphones, oregon a artillery module for longer beingness and an other microSD slot. As with the Pocket 2, it offers tons of accessories similar a 3-in-1 hold rod and more. It’s a versatile enactment if you bash much than conscionable enactment shooting, and is priced good starting astatine $399.

Buy DJI Action 2 astatine Amazon - $399

The champion compact vlogging cameras

Compact cameras are a step-up enactment from smartphones oregon enactment cameras, with larger sensors and overmuch amended representation quality. At the aforesaid time, they’re not rather arsenic versatile arsenic mirrorless oregon DSLR cameras (and not needfully cheaper) and they deficiency precocious options similar 10-bit video. For folks who privation the champion imaginable prime without needing to deliberation excessively overmuch astir their camera, however, it’s the champion option. 

Sony ZV-1

How to bargain  a vlogging camera successful  2020Steve Dent/Engadget

Sony’s ZV-1 came retired successful 2020 and it’s inactive the champion compact vlogging camera available. Based connected the RX 100 V, it has a decently ample 1-inch 20.1-megapixel sensor and fixed 24-70mm f/1.8-2.8mm equivalent lens. Based connected the RX100 V, it has a 1-inch 20.1-megapixel sensor and fixed 24-70mm f/1.8-2.8mm (equivalent) lens. It besides offers a lightweight body, built-in high-quality microphone (plus a microphone port), flip-out display, best-in-class autofocus and fantabulous representation quality. It besides has vlogging circumstantial features similar “product showcase” and inheritance blur.

While the $799 ZV-1 can’t sprout 10-bit video, it comes with Sony’s S-Log representation profiles that springiness you accrued dynamic scope for shooting successful challenging lighting conditions. The flaws see a lens that’s not rather wide capable erstwhile you’re utilizing physics stabilization, mediocre artillery beingness and the deficiency of a existent interaction show and headphone port. That aside, if you’re looking to measurement up from a smartphone, it does the occupation astir perfectly.

Buy Sony ZV-1 astatine Amazon - $799

Canon G7 X Mark III

Canon G7X Mark III vloggingEngadget

Canon’s G7 X Mark III should besides beryllium beforehand of caput for vloggers looking for a compact option. It besides packs a 20-megapixel 1-inch sensor, but has a 24-100 mm f/1.8-2.8 35mm equivalent zoom — rather a spot longer than the ZV-1 astatine the telephoto range. It tin sprout 4K astatine up to 30 fps, portion offering optical representation stabilization, a microphone input (though nary headphone jack) and adjacent the quality to livestream straight to YouTube. The downsides are contrast-detect lone autofocus and a surface that tilts up but not to the side. For $749, it’s inactive a large option, though.

Buy Canon G7 X Mark III astatine Amazon - $749

The champion mirrorless/DSLR vlogging cameras

This is the people that has changed the astir implicit the past mates of years, peculiarly successful the much affordable terms categories. Interchangeable lens cameras springiness you the astir options for vlogging, offering larger sensors than compact cameras with amended low-light sensitivity and shallower extent of tract to isolate you oregon your subject. They besides connection amended power of your representation with manual controls, log recording, 10-bit video and more. The drawbacks are other value compared to enactment oregon compact cameras, other complexity and higher prices.

Fujifilm X-S10

Fujifilm X-S10 APS-C mirrorless camera

Jonas Dyhr Rask/Fujifilm

Fujifilm’s X-S10 has displaced the X-T4 arsenic the champion vlogging camera retired there, acknowledgment peculiarly to the much affordable price. It ticks each the boxes for vloggers, offering in-body stabilization, 10-bit 4K outer video with F-Log signaling (at up to 30fps) on with 1080p astatine a stellar 240 fps, a surface that flips retired to the broadside and easy-to-use controls. It besides comes with a headphone jack and USB-C larboard that doubles arsenic a headphone jack. The main downside is the constricted touchscreen controls, but you get a batch of camera for conscionable $1,000.

Buy Fujifilm X-S10 astatine Adorama - $999

Sony ZV-E10

Sony suspends orders for the caller   ZV-E10 due to the fact that of spot   shortages


The champion Sony APS-C camera for vlogging is present the ZV-E10. While utilizing galore of the aforesaid aging parts arsenic the A6100, including the 24.2-megapixel sensor, it has a fig of utile features for self-shooters. High connected the database is Sony’s fantabulous autofocus, which includes the aforesaid inheritance defocus and Product Showcase features recovered connected the ZV-1 compact. It besides offers physics SteadyShot, a afloat articulating show and more. The biggest drawback is rolling shutter that tin get atrocious if you whip the camera astir excessively much. If you tin find one, it’s priced astatine $700 for the assemblage oregon $800 successful a bundle with Sony’s 16-50mm F/3.5-5.6 powerfulness zoom lens.

Buy Sony ZV-E10 astatine B&H - $698

Panasonic GH6 and GH5

 A vlogging workhorse and improved camera

Steve Dent/Engadget

Panasonic’s GH5 was an incredibly fashionable vlogging camera for a precise agelong clip and was really replaced by 2 cameras, the $2,200 GH6 and much budget-oriented $1,700 GH5-II. The GH6 is simply a ample upgrade successful astir each way, offering 5.7K astatine 60 fps and 4K astatine up to 120 fps, on with ProRes formats that are casual to edit. It besides comes with the champion in-body stabilization connected immoderate camera and large handling. The downside is sub-par contrast-detect autofocus and artillery beingness that’s not amazing.

It’s besides worthy a look astatine the GH5 Mark II, which is not lone $500 cheaper but peculiarly good suited for live-streamers. It’s not a immense upgrade implicit the GH5, but does much than astir rival cameras for the price, offering 4K 10-bit 60p video, a afloat articulating show and fantabulous in-body stabilization. As with the GH6, the main drawback is the contrast-detect autofocus system.

Buy Panasonic GH6 astatine Amazon - $2,200 Buy Panasonic GH5 astatine Amazon - $1,700

Panasonic G100

Panasonic G100 vlogging camera


Panasonic’s G100 is intent built for vlogging similar the ZV-1, but besides allows you to alteration lenses. It has a fully-articulating flip-out screen, 5-axis hybrid (optical/electronic) stabilization, 4K V-Log-L video astatine up to 30 fps (though sadly cropped astatine 1.47X for 4K video), 1080p astatine up to 60 fps, and opposition observe AF with face/eye detection. The coolest diagnostic is the Nokia OZO strategy that tin isolate audio to a circumstantial idiosyncratic via face-detection tracking — thing that tin theoretically amended audio quality. Best of all, you tin drawback it close present with a 12-32mm lens for $750.

Buy Panasonic GH100 astatine Amazon - $750

Canon EOS M50 Mark II

Canon EOS M50 Mark II APS-C mirrorless camera


Another bully bargain if you’re connected a fund is Canon’s EOS M50 Mark II, peculiarly if you’re good with 1080p video only. While not a immense upgrade implicit the archetypal M50, Canon has made it much compelling for vloggers with a fully-articulating display, continuous eye-tracking successful video and unrecorded streaming to YouTube. It does enactment 4K, but with a dense 1.5 times harvest and contrast-detect autofocus only. Still, it’s a bully enactment for folks connected a budget, selling for $699 with a 15-45mm lens.

Buy Canon EOS M50 Mark II astatine B&H - $699

Canon EOS R6

Canon EOS R6 camera

Steve Dent / Engadget

If you’ve got the fund for it, Canon’s EOS R6 offers astir each diagnostic you request successful a vlogging camera. You tin sprout 10-bit 4K video astatine up to 60 fps, and the Dual Pixel autofocus with oculus and look tracking is incredibly reliable. It besides offers 5-axis optical stabilization, a flip-out show and a comparatively compact size. As you whitethorn person heard, overheating tin beryllium an issue, but firmware updates person improved that contented and it lone applies to the much demanding video settings.

Buy Canon EOS R6 astatine Amazon - $2,500

Fujifilm X-T4

Fujifilm X-T4 mirrorless camera review

Steve Dent/Engadget

The Fuijfilm X-T4 is simply a large all-around mirrorless camera for vlogging. It has everything you need, including a fully-articulating display, continuous eye- and look autofocus, 10-bit 4K log signaling astatine up to 60 fps, 5-axis in-body stabilization, microphone and headphone jacks (the second via USB-C) and little sound successful debased light.

Image quality, particularly successful the tegument tones, is lifelike and the sensor has minimal rolling shutter. It besides offers bully artillery beingness and comes with dual UHS-II paper slots. Finally, it’s reasonably airy considering each the features, and Fujifilm has a bully enactment of tiny lenses perfect for vlogging. What I don’t similar is an autofocus strategy not rather arsenic accelerated oregon close arsenic Sony’s and the reasonably steep $1,700 asking terms for the body only.

Buy Fujifilm X-T4 astatine Amazon - $1,700

Nikon Z fc

The Nikon Z FC camera seen from caput  on.


If you privation to look large portion vlogging, cheque retired Nikon’s stylish Z fc. It’s mostly identical to the Z50, with features similar a 20.9-megapixel APS-C sensor, 4K astatine 30 fps and a reliable phase-detect autofocus strategy with look detection. However, the Z fc brings a vari-angle touchscreen to the enactment and has a beauteous vintage assemblage covered with convenient manual controls. It doesn’t person built-in optical stabilization, but you tin get that via a lens. The champion feature, though, is the terms – you tin get 1 for $1,100 with a 16-50mm lens.

Buy Nikon Z fc astatine B&H - $1,100

Upcoming cameras

If you’re not rather acceptable to buy, determination are immoderate absorbing options connected the horizon. Canon conscionable announced the EOS R7, a mirrorless EOS R mentation of its fashionable EOS 7D DSLR. It has an APS-C sensor and all-new RF-S lenses, meaning that it mightiness regenerate Canon’s existent M-series cameras. Specs see a 32.5-megapixel APS-C sensor, 4K 60 fps video, an articulating show and more. All of that volition marque it a apical vlogging option, if our upcoming reappraisal confirms the hype.

On apical of that, Canon besides announced a cheaper EOS R10 exemplary with a 24.2-megapixel sensor that could besides beryllium an perfect vlogging camera. Both cameras are coming retired towards the extremity of 2022.

In addition, Fujifilm just launched the X-H2S, its caller $2,500 flagship mirrorless camera. With a 26.2-megapixel stacked and backside-illuminated sensor, it offers a raft of awesome features. Some of the highlights see 40 fps blackout-free burst shooting, faster autofocus, 6.2K 30fps video, a flip-out show and 7-stop in-body stabilization. If you’ve got the budget, this could beryllium a coagulated vlogging prime erstwhile it arrives connected July 7th.

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