Highlights June 23: Cryptos mixed, Polygon soars as investors buy dip

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The crypto marketplace arsenic a full is mixed. It’s a beardown time for metaverse and gaming tokens. 

Top cryptos

Top cryptos are calm, with astir registering flimsy gains and losses. Solana stood out, gaining much than 3%. Bitcoin was trading for $20,560 astatine the clip of writing, registering insignificant gains successful the past 24 hours.

Cryptos extracurricular the apical 10 were doing importantly well. Shiba continues to summation and is up 8% today. Polygon is backmost successful the apical 20, adding astir a 4th to its worth aft investors bought the coin’s dip.   

Polygon precocious launched Hermez, a scalable payments level that uses zero-knowledge (zk-rollup) technology, and Polygon ID, a blockchain-native individuality strategy with programmable privacy.

Rounding retired the apical 20 is UniSwap, which added 12% today. Yesterday, the level acquired NFT marketplace aggregator Genie. 

Top movers

Outside the apical 20, astir coins added 2-5% to their value. Notable gainers see Cosmos with 14% and IOTA and THORChain, each up 11%. 

Cosmos is soaring connected the quality that DEX protocol dYdX volition beryllium processing dYdX V4 arsenic a standalone Cosmos-based blockchain.

On what seems to beryllium a bully time for gaming and metaverse tokens, Decentraland and Flow each added astir 8%, and Enjin Coin and The Sandbox each added 12% to their value. 

Compound is up 9%, reversing losses and up to #95 from #100 yesterday.

The losers

Despite having added 6% to its worth today, Convex Finance has slumped to #100 aft a agelong streak of losses. 

Synthetix’s terms is pulling backmost aft going parabolic the different day, which it did owed to a caller concern with Curve Finance, 1 of the biggest DeFi platforms successful the world. Curve DAO Token itself is up 9%. 

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