Grand Ole Opry slammed for Morgan Wallen performance

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(CNN)Morgan Wallen's show astatine the Grand Ole Opry this past play has caused a backlash.

The singer, who was suspended by his statement and dropped by respective vigor stations past year aft video of him utilizing a radical slur surfaced, appeared with his Big Loud statement mate ERNEST astatine the legendary venue to execute their caller collaboration, "Flower Shops."

    A tweet connected the Grand Ole Opry's verified Twitter relationship sharing quality of the show caused a firestorm of protest.

      It besides helped resurface a tweet from state music's astir esteemed stage, posted during the radical unrest pursuing the decease of George Floyd astatine the hands of Minneapolis police.

      "Racism is real. It is unacceptable. And it has nary spot astatine The Grand Ole Opry," that tweet read.

      Artist, songwriter and histrion Jason Isbell tweeted astir it.

      "Last nighttime @opry you had a choice- either upset 1 feline and his 'team,' oregon interruption the hearts of a legion of aspiring Black state artists," helium wrote. "You chose incorrect and I'm existent bittersweet for a batch of my friends today. Not amazed though. Just sad."

        Grammy nominated creator Allison Russell, who is biracial, tweeted "the rot of bigotry permeating mainstream state is rough."

        "But instrumentality [heart emoji] arsenic #bellhooks said 'Sometimes radical effort to destruct you, precisely due to the fact that they admit your power-not due to the fact that they don't spot it, but due to the fact that they spot it & they don't privation it to exist,'" Russell wrote.

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