Freddy Krueger haunted this house -- and it just sold for nearly $3 million

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(CNN)The Los Angeles location champion known arsenic the abode of Nancy Thompson successful "A Nightmare connected Elm Street" has been sold for $2.98 million.

Don't fto the sunny facade fool you -- fearfulness fans cognize this location well. It's a agleam spot of the shady, tree-lined Elm Street and, astir notably, the hunting crushed for 1 striped sweater-wearing killer.

Or it was, arsenic the focal constituent of the deed "A Nightmare connected Elm Street." Freddy Krueger haunted this location successful the archetypal film, invading a young Thompson's dreams, though off-camera, it belonged to Los Angeles suburbanites and astatine slightest 1 filmmaker.

    And now, it's been fixed a caller beingness again -- the iconic location conscionable sold for astir $3 million, according to, wherever the location was listed. (And, according to the site, that's astir 98% much costly than adjacent homes, a stat that would spook adjacent Freddy.)

      The three-bedroom Dutch Colonial got a large facelift successful the years since Wes Craven's 1984 movie was released, though its exterior remained the same. But the remainder of the location was "reimagined by an English decorator successful the mid-2000s," truthful it's brighter, whiter and airier than the celebrated movie monster would've liked. All egregiously '80s flourishes person been replaced -- and the door, erstwhile blood-red, is present painted a stately black.

      The location   from 'A Nightmare connected  Elm Street' is for merchantability  -- if you person  the guts to bargain  it

        The location utilized to beryllium to "Hustlers" manager Lorene Scafaria, who bought it successful 2013, according to the Los Angeles Times. It primitively deed the marketplace successful the autumn astatine $3.25 million, and, successful a motion to the home's cinematic history, offers were owed by midnight connected Halloween, the California insubstantial reported.

        And it each comes with a impermanent house, 1 that fans of comedian Bo Burnham mightiness admit arsenic the setting of his acclaimed special, "Inside." Burnham camped retired successful the petite abode during the pandemic to make the claustrophobic work, though it looks overmuch little menacing successful listing photos.

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