Fortinet vs Palo Alto: Comparing EDR software

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Fortinet and Palo Alto Networks assistance organizations unafraid their endpoints and amended their cybersecurity posture by providing blase endpoint detection and effect software. But which bundle is champion for you?

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What is Palo Alto?

Palo Alto Networks Traps is an endpoint extortion solution that utilizes effectual endpoint extortion exertion alongside endpoint detection and effect capabilities arsenic a unified agent. It empowers information teams to automatically protect, observe and respond to attacks. Palo Alto employs AI and instrumentality learning techniques to grip unknown, known oregon blase attacks.

What is Fortinet?

FortiEDR is Fortinet’s EDR solution that offers real-time automated pre- and post-infection endpoint protection. With orchestrated incidental effect crossed galore connection devices similar servers with bequest and existent operating systems, and operational exertion and manufacturing systems, Fortinet proves to beryllium a broad endpoint information platform. It proactively lessens the onslaught surface, prevents malware infections and handles imaginable threats successful real-time.

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Fortinet vs Palo Alto: Feature comparison

FeatureFortinetPalo Alto
Real-time preventionYesNo
Zero-trust approachYesYes
Shared menace intelligenceYesYes
Customizable playbooksYesNo
Incident alertsYesYes

Head-to-head comparison: Fortinet vs Palo Alto

Malware and ransomware protection

Fortinet stops malware attacks earlier they are executed utilizing a instrumentality learning anti-malware engine. This next-generation antivirus capableness is built into a lightweight cause and is configurable to marque it casual for end-users to acceptable anti-malware extortion to the endpoint radical of their choosing without further installation.

Through a perpetually updated unreality database, Fortinet’s real-time menace quality feeds are continuously enriched. Fortinet besides offers offline extortion for disconnected endpoints and leverages exertion power to conveniently participate allowed oregon blocked applications to predetermined lists.

To forestall ransomware, Fortinet defuses the menace of imaginable ransomware by detecting suspicious processes and behaviors and cutting outbound connection and entree to record systems of those processes. The instrumentality halts ransomware harm successful real-time to uphold concern continuity connected compromised devices.

Palo Alto Networks Traps blocks the execution of malicious files utilizing assorted preventative technologies to halt some modern and accepted attacks. It uses WildFire Threat Intelligence, Palo Alto’s malware prevention service, to perpetually aggregate menace information and guarantee immunity crossed not lone endpoints but besides unreality applications and networks. Palo Alto queries WildFire connected whether a record is benign oregon malicious and receives a near-immediate effect which results successful malicious files being quarantined.

Palo Alto past employs section investigation utilizing instrumentality learning connected endpoints to found whether a record is executable if it is inactive unidentified aft querying WildFire. Without utilizing behavioral analysis, signatures oregon scanning, section investigation allows users to find whether files are benign oregon malicious. Palo Alto tin past nonstop unidentified files to WildFire for deeper inspection and investigation to rapidly exposure imaginable malware.

Investigation and hunting

Fortinet carries retired forensics connected compromised endpoints by automatically enriching information with elaborate malware accusation some earlier and aft infection. It offers an intuitive interface that highlights champion practices and offers information analysts the adjacent logical steps. Fortinet’s automated investigations guarantee users support their productivity by ensuring they brushwood minimal interruptions.

Security analysts tin transportation retired menace hunting connected their ain clip arsenic Fortinet automatically defuses and halts threats. Furthermore, patented code-tracing exertion ensures that the full onslaught concatenation and stack are afloat visible. This makes it imaginable to hint conclusive grounds of threats adjacent connected offline devices.

Palo Alto Networks Traps provides administrators and incidental effect teams a assortment of methods to transportation retired their investigations, get the indispensable information and marque the required alterations to endpoints. Palo Alto besides perpetually exchanges information with Cortex Data Lake, which is simply a cloud-based information collection, investigation and retention service. It stores lawsuit and incidental information successful Cortex Data Lake, which transfers it to Cortex XDR for further probe and faster and simpler menace hunting that empowers information operations teams to halt attacks and beef up defenses successful real-time.

Response and remediation

Fortinet offers users customized playbooks with cross-environment insights to orchestrate incidental effect operations. This allows users to streamline their incidental effect and remediation operations. They tin automate incidental classification arsenic good arsenic optimize the signal-to-alert ratio. Fortinet uses patented codification tracing to supply afloat visibility of the onslaught concatenation and malicious changes.

Whether automatically oregon manually, these malicious alterations by contained threats tin beryllium rolled backmost whether connected 1 instrumentality oregon crossed an environment. Additionally, cleanup tin besides beryllium automated each portion preserving strategy uptime. Fortinet automates incidental effect actions similar ending malicious processes, undoing persistent changes, removing files, opening tickets, isolating devices and applications, and sending retired idiosyncratic notifications.

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On the different hand, Traps provides incidental effect teams and administrators with assorted remediation options erstwhile an probe is done. Administrators tin halt each web entree connected compromised endpoints, excluding postulation to Traps absorption service, to isolate endpoints. Traps tin quarantine malicious files and dispose of their directories. It tin besides retrieve circumstantial files from endpoints to behaviour further analysis.

Where determination is malicious enactment connected endpoints, the solution tin terminate moving processes to halt malware. Furthermore, users tin blacklist circumstantial files successful policies to artifact further executions. Lastly, users tin link to endpoints utilizing Live Terminal to negociate and navigate files and processes.

Choosing betwixt Fortinet and Palo Alto

Fortinet provides a coagulated solution for users that request an EDR solution that proactively offers real-time hazard mitigation, exhaustive automation options arsenic good arsenic IoT information with extended pre-and post-infection options. Fortinet besides offers greater pricing flexibility compared to Palo Alto. Palo Alto’s solution is suitable for mid-sized to ample enterprises seeking a blase solution to fulfill their indispensable information needs.

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