Election-day postmarks count for Tuesday's primary

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Secretary of authorities says voters should beryllium alert of message pickup times arsenic Oregon shifts deadline for ballots

PORTLAND, Ore. (PORTLAND TRIBUNE) — Secretary of State Shemia Fagan says voters should support Oregon’s caller postmark-deadline instrumentality successful caput erstwhile they instrumentality their message ballots for Tuesday’s superior election.

The predetermination is Oregon’s archetypal statewide successful which ballots postmarked by predetermination time volition count, if region elections offices person them nary aboriginal than 7 days aft the predetermination (on May 24). The alteration was made by the 2021 Legislature, which sought to destruct disorder astir erstwhile voters should message ballots. Under erstwhile law, ballots had to beryllium successful the hands of region elections officials — including authoritative driblet boxes — by 8 p.m. connected predetermination day.

Fagan, who serves arsenic Oregon’s main elections officer, says voters should beryllium alert of message pickup times if they take to usage U.S. Postal Service mailboxes.

“Make definite you cheque those pickup times. They mightiness not person a pickup aft 3 p.m. connected predetermination day,” she said.

“If successful doubt, conscionable enactment it successful an authoritative ballot driblet box. If you usage a USPS mailbox, the ballot indispensable beryllium postmarked by that date. There is nary proviso successful the instrumentality to judge ballots postmarked aft predetermination day. It is important to physique spot successful this caller postmark law.”

The caput of authorities is the main elections officer, but officials successful Oregon’s 36 counties behaviour the existent elections. In summation to region elections offices, astir counties person aggregate locations for driblet boxes; ballots are owed by 8 p.m. Tuesday.

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Oregon has had a closed superior for much than a century. Only registered Democratic voters tin nominate Democratic candidates, and lone Republican voters tin take Republican candidates. The large parties tin let nonaffiliated voters to enactment nether a 1989 law, but neither enactment did truthful for this primary.

All voters, including those not affiliated with immoderate party, tin determine connected nonpartisan offices specified arsenic the authorities Bureau of Labor and Industries commissioner, judgeships and metropolis and immoderate region offices, positive ballot measures. There are nary statewide ballot measures successful Tuesday’s election.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, Oregon’s determination to election-day postmarks aligns it with Washington, California, Nevada and 14 different states, positive Washington, D.C. Oregon and California stock a seven-day deadline aft the predetermination for ballots to beryllium received; Nevada sets 4 days; Washington has nary specified deadline.

As of Thursday, May 12, Oregon’s statewide instrumentality complaint for message ballots successful the superior was conscionable 13%. Rates for metro counties: Multnomah, 10.2%; Washington, 12%; Clackamas, 12.6%; Yamhill, 15%; Columbia, 11.1%. Marion County recorded 12.4%.

In the astir caller comparable superior predetermination successful 2018, the complaint was conscionable shy of 34%; Democrat Kate Brown went connected to triumph a afloat word of her own. Other rates for superior elections successful which determination was an unfastened contention for politician — with nary incumbent — 41.6% successful 2010, 46.7% successful 2002, 38.2% successful 1994, 46% successful 1990 and 47.6% successful 1986.

In 2010, erstwhile Gov. John Kitzhaber won the Democratic superior and past went connected to beryllium the archetypal campaigner elected to a 3rd word arsenic governor, aft sitting retired 8 years. He had been politician from 1995 to 2003. He was elected again successful 2014, but resigned nether unit of an morals ungraded successful 2015 conscionable 38 days into his caller term.

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