EA is reportedly seeking a sale or a merger

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Electronic Arts is actively (and persistently) looking for a purchaser oregon different institution consenting to merge with it, according to Puck. The video crippled institution reportedly held talks with a fig of imaginable buyers oregon partners, including Disney, Apple and Amazon. It's unclear which were funny successful afloat purchasing EA and which were looking to merge, but successful lawsuit of a merger, Puck said EA is seeking a woody that would let Andrew Wilson to stay main enforcement of the combined company.

EA approached Disney successful March successful an effort to forge "a much meaningful relationship" that would spell beyond licensing deals, according to the source. However, Disney decided not to propulsion forward, possibly due to the fact that it's presently focused connected its nascent streaming service. The work said the thought of a merger betwixt EA and ESPN, which Disney partially owns, is being floated astir successful the industry.

Among each the imaginable partners, however, it was possibly Comcast who got the closest to a deal. Comcast CEO Brian Roberts reportedly approached Wilson with an connection to merge NBCUniversal with EA. Under the deal, Roberts would instrumentality bulk power of the merged company, but Wilson would stay main executive. The radical progressive didn't hold implicit the terms of the merchantability and the operation of the combined entity, though, and the statement fell done wrong the past month. 

EA remains a institution of its ain for now, but Puck said it has go much emboldened successful its quest to find a merchantability oregon a merger since Microsoft announced that it's snapping up Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion, truthful that mightiness not beryllium be the lawsuit for long. It's worthy noting that Sony besides revealed that it's buying Destiny workplace Bungie for $3.6 cardinal soon aft Microsoft announced the acquisition.

EA spokesperson John Reseburg told Puck that the institution would not remark "on rumors and speculation relating to [mergers and acquisitions]." Reseburg added: "We are arrogant to beryllium operating from a presumption of spot and growth, with a portfolio of astonishing games, built astir almighty IP, made by incredibly talented teams, and a web of much than fractional a cardinal players. We spot a precise agleam aboriginal ahead."

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