DOJ says security researchers won't face hacking charges

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The Justice Department doesn't privation information researchers facing national charges erstwhile they expose information flaws. The section has revised its argumentation to bespeak that researchers, ethical hackers and different well-intentioned radical won't beryllium charged nether the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act if they're investigating, investigating oregon fixing vulnerabilities successful "good faith." You're harmless arsenic agelong arsenic you aren't hurting others and usage the cognition to bolster the information of a product, the DOJ said.

The authorities made wide that atrocious actors couldn't usage probe arsenic a "free pass." They'll inactive look occupation if they usage newly-discovered information holes for extortion oregon different malicious purposes, careless of what they claim.

This revised argumentation is constricted to national prosecutors, and won't spare researchers from state-level charges. It does supply "clarity" that was missing successful the earlier 2014 guidelines, though, and mightiness assistance courts that weren't definite of however to grip ethical hacking cases.

It's besides a not-so-subtle connection to officials who mightiness maltreatment the menace of transgression charges to soundlessness critics. In October 2021, for instance, Missouri Governor Mike Parson threatened a reporter with prosecution for pointing retired a website flaw that required nary hacking whatsoever. The DOJ's caller argumentation mightiness not wholly deter threats similar Parson's, but it could marque their words comparatively harmless.

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