Developer of a 5-year-old app called Wordle donates unexpected jackpot to charity

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(Pocket-lint) - Steven Cravotta developed a connection crippled called Wordle 5 years ago, nary it's not that Wordle that you play each day, but they stock the aforesaid name.

As you mightiness imagine, Steven's aged and mostly forgotten app saw a abrupt and immense influx of involvement successful caller months.

Since this Wordle crippled predates the caller Wordle by galore years, it was harmless from Apple's caller culling of Wordle clones from its app store.

Steven Cravotta explained connected Twitter that his app had not been arsenic palmy arsenic helium had hoped upon archetypal merchandise "after a fewer months and ~100k full downloads, I stopped updating and promoting" and arsenic specified its numbers dwindled and the app was near to stitchery dust.

The caller Wordle crippled is browser-based and has nary app, but erstwhile it gained popularity and generated galore stories successful the media, funny players flocked to the app store successful hunt of the deed caller word-guessing game.

Steven said, "My Wordle app has gotten 200,000 downloads successful the past 7 days, and it's not adjacent slowing down yet."

Here’s however a mobile crippled I built 5 years agone abruptly got blown up by The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Jimmy Fallon.

— Steven (@StevenCravotta) January 12, 2022

Suddenly, the aged Wordle app was generating gross again. Not contented with sitting backmost and counting the dollars, Steven decided to scope retired to the developer of the much fashionable Wordle, Josh Wardle, offering to donate the proceeds to charity.

In the Twitter thread, Steven revealed that helium and Wardle has chosen West Oakland's younker literacy programme Boost to person donations.

Josh Wardle tweeted, "Steven Cravotta reached retired to maine unprompted and asked astir donating the proceeds. He's a people enactment and you should travel him."

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