Clea Shearer starts chemotherapy for breast cancer

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(CNN)"The Home Edit's" Clea Shearer has started chemotherapy successful her conflict against bosom cancer.

Shearer, 1 of the co-founders of The Home Edit and the Netflix amusement of the aforesaid name, took to Instagram Thursday to archer her followers what was going on.

"Today marked my archetypal time of Chemo. As the time approached, I started sleeping less, worrying more, and adjacent had 1 large tantrum past nighttime that I tin lone picture arsenic a kid who's adjacent successful enactment for a immense roller coaster, and past infinitesimal screams, "I can't bash this!! Let maine off!" No 1 was letting maine disconnected the ride, but everyone fto maine outcry arsenic agelong arsenic I needed to. When I was done, I picked myself up, took a locomotion with the kids, and laughed astatine Sutton's jokes. There's nary amended medicine than a locomotion and a laugh," she wrote.

    Shearer continued: "I showed up for my transfusion contiguous with my chemo container afloat of truthful galore blankets, snacks, and supplies, that I'm definite it looked similar we were readying connected staying the week alternatively of 4 hours. They escorted me, my mother, and John to my infusion country and started going done the aesculapian cocktail I was astir to receive. It doesn't assistance with the nerves that this attraction is called the Red Devil. When this is each implicit with, I'm going to enactment connected a rebrand... that sanction sucks."

      Shearer said that she started to unbend erstwhile the infusion started and that she had plentifulness of snacks connected hand.

          "Once the infusion started, I began to relax. I was successful a precise comfy recliner (I'm going to request to sanction this 1 too) that adjacent had massage and vigor settings... and determination were lukewarm blankets and snacks! I work a book, watched Netflix, and past it was over. And present I get to play the precise amusive crippled of: 'Is this a broadside effect?' for the adjacent 5 months. But close present I'm lone focusing connected today, and contiguous I consciousness beauteous decent! I'll instrumentality the triumph wherever I tin get it."

          Last month, Shearer revealed that she has been diagnosed with invasive mammary carcinoma, and she underwent a treble mastectomy successful April.

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