Both of Valve's classic Portal games arrive on the Switch today

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A fewer months ago, Valve announced that some of its fantabulous Portal games were coming to the Nintendo Switch, but we didn't cognize when. Today's Nintendo Direct presentation cleared that up. Portal Companion Collection volition arrive connected the Switch aboriginal today for $19.99. The postulation includes some the archetypal Portal from 2007 arsenic good arsenic the much expansive, story-driven Portal 2 from 2011. Whether you missed these games the archetypal clip retired oregon conscionable privation to replay a brace of classics, this postulation sounds similar a bully mode to instrumentality to 1 of the astir intriguing worlds Valve ever created.

While the archetypal Portal was strictly a single-player experience, Portal 2 has a split-screen co-op experience; you tin besides wage this mode with a person online arsenic well. And portion these games originated connected the PC, Valve besides released Portal 2 for the PlayStation 3 — and if I recall, the game's controls mapped to a controller precise well. Given that the Portal bid is much puzzle-based than accepted first-person games, you shouldn't person immoderate problems navigating the satellite with a brace of Joy-Con controllers. 

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