Ben Affleck doesn't regret 'Gigli.' After all, he met Jennifer Lopez

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(CNN)"Gigli" whitethorn person bombed astatine the container bureau and the movie became the punchline for galore a joke, but Ben Affleck is choosing to look astatine the agleam side.

In an Entertainment Weekly interrogation with his BFF Matt Damon, Affleck talked astir the 2003 movie which enactment him successful the nonaccomplishment file for awhile, but besides near him winning since it costarred his erstwhile and present existent love, Jennifer Lopez.

"[Gigli] didn't enactment and we did 5 weeks of reshoots, which we knew were not gonna work," Affleck said. "It was a movie that didn't work....Interestingly, I learned much astir directing connected that movie than thing other due to the fact that Marty [Brest, "Gigli' director] is simply a superb director, truly gifted.

    Also Affleck believes that "for being a movie that's specified a celebrated weaponry and a disaster, precise fewer radical really saw the movie."

      Yet, helium besides said that if the movie hadn't flopped "I astir apt wouldn't person yet decided, 'I don't truly person immoderate different avenue but to nonstop movies,' which has turned retired to beryllium the existent emotion of my nonrecreational life."

      Affleck has gone connected to nonstop respective films, including "Argo," which won a champion representation Academy Award.

        Plus, Affleck got the miss successful the end.

        "And I did get to conscionable Jennifer, the narration with whom has been truly meaningful to maine successful my life," helium said.

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