Befriend Monsters And Hunt Riches In Dragon Quest Treasures This December

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Square Enix has pulled backmost the curtains connected Dragon Quest Treasures, a caller spin-off introduction successful the legendary Dragon Quest franchise that was archetypal teased successful May 2021. This crippled focuses connected the childhoods of Mia and Erik, 2 siblings from Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age. As these 2 characters, players embark connected hunts for treasure successful Draconia before the events of Dragon Quest XI.

As Mia and Erik question done Draconia, they tin enlistee monsters to find loot, research the world, and combat enemies. Your recruited monsters are much adjuvant than conscionable battling, it turns out: Using Slimes, you tin bounce up to higher ledges, portion grabbing onto a Dracky portion you're exploring tin let you to glide similar Breath of the Wild's paraglider. Once you implicit your treasure hunt and get your prize, you tin bring it backmost to your basal to spot however overmuch it's worth. Using the funds you get from your hunts, you tin amended your basal and summation your treasure hunting level. 

Dragon Quest Treasures launches connected December 9.

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