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In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, CXOs indispensable enactment arsenic alteration agents successful bid to support their businesses competitive.

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The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a oversea alteration successful lawsuit and concern needs that seemed unimaginable until the situation unfolded worldwide. The pandemic upended astir each company’s integer translation plans, replacing them with implicit concern translation mandates seemingly overnight.

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Now that the pandemic-created particulate is settling, it’s go wide that customer-obsessed companies — those that enactment customers astatine the halfway of their leadership, strategy and operations — were the astir palmy successful sensing and responding to systemic risk. Customer-obsessed companies study 2.5 times higher gross maturation than their competition, an important benchmark that the pandemic brought to the fore. These firms achieved this benignant of occurrence by implementing tech strategies to become:

  • Adaptive, successful bid to reconfigure halfway concern concepts.
  • Creative, successful bid to present emotion and engagement crossed each lawsuit experiences.
  • Resilient, successful bid to present connected their marque committedness and merchandise imaginativeness contempt the crisis.

Instead of simply hanging connected for beloved life, 27% of companies achieved “growth mode” during the pandemic, adjacent arsenic businesses rapidly made the displacement to integer to accommodate changing lawsuit needs. How did they execute this? By formulating a exertion strategy that enabled their organizations to stay resilient portion transitioning to a concern exemplary susceptible of winning, serving and retaining concern during a unique, watershed moment.

Tech executives arsenic alteration agents: The concealed to driving transformation

This absorption connected a winning tech strategy meant that these palmy companies shared different communal diagnostic — strong, cross-functional exertion leaders who, contempt the pandemic, adapted quickly, drove meaningful alteration crossed their organizations, and kept delivering for customers.

These “change agents” proved capable to thrust alignment with their peers to accelerate investments successful technology: They were among the 44% of decision-makers who accelerated their integer concern investments during the pandemic, according to Forrester data. So those companies that presently deficiency a change-driven exertion person tally the hazard of losing relevance successful markets characterized by shifting user request and disruptive forces.

In addition, portion the CIO oregon CTO was mostly chartless to employees successful galore organizations earlier 2020, these executives person since emerged to stabilize and ignite institution performance. Remote work, which was traditionally utilized pre-pandemic to entree out-of-market endowment oregon accommodate idiosyncratic needs, has present go a high-stake “anywhere work” request that’s intolerable to execute without the enactment of a large exertion strategy.

As you question to thrust translation astatine your organization, present is the clip to conscionable — or, successful immoderate instances, go reacquainted with — your company’s astir captious alteration agent. This idiosyncratic conscionable happens to beryllium your astir salient person arsenic well: The “future fit” tech executive.

Tech leaders were asked to measurement up during a clip of crisis, and the champion and brightest did truthful successful bid to thrust meaningful concern transformation. But this prompts the question: “Was this translation conscionable constricted to the pandemic oregon is it indicative of the aboriginal of the CIO/CTO role?”

Driving transformative alteration into the future

In different words, volition CIOs and CTOs yet beryllium capable to prolong their spot astatine the concern table? Forrester asked much than 500 tech leaders what their apical priorities are implicit the adjacent 12 months. The effect shows a wide absorption connected concern outcomes: 53% of tech leaders accidental improving their quality to innovate is 1 of their apical priorities, portion 49% constituent to enabling differentiation successful their market.

These responses align with the priorities crossed enactment teams astatine aboriginal acceptable companies, wherever much than 70% of concern leaders considered the aforesaid priorities arsenic critical. With this level of precedence alignment crossed the business, tech leaders indispensable beryllium viewed arsenic adjacent partners successful advancing the buildout of the enterprise’s modern exertion architecture.

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This committedness besides empowers aboriginal acceptable tech executives to displacement from a mindset of ratio to 1 of effectiveness. They volition thrust deliberate innovation that perpetually transfers vigor from probe and improvement to worldly concern outcomes. Customers and employees volition thrive due to the fact that aboriginal acceptable tech executives volition equilibrium and integrate compliance-driven and policy-focused hazard practices with the innovations required to enactment up of their ongoing needs.

Don’t dilatory concern successful your tech-savvy alteration agents

Companies tin number connected much disruption taking spot globally. This is wherefore each enactment needs to person tech leaders connected committee who are some invigorated by alteration and obsessed with driving institution growth. The pandemic has besides made america recognize that the aboriginal of enactment is now; a tech-enabled workforce of employees, partners and contingent labour connected your customers successful the situation and volition support doing truthful post-pandemic. Whether we brushwood an economical downturn oregon systemic turbulence, this is not the clip to dilatory concern successful exertion — and your astir vital, tech-savvy alteration agents.

Keith Johnston

Keith Johnston is the radical probe manager astatine Forrester. To entree further Forrester insights for exertion executives, sojourn here.

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