'Always smiled': Family of Milana Li remembers Beaverton teen

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Posted: May 20, 2022 / 10:16 PM PDT

Updated: May 20, 2022 / 10:20 PM PDT

The apprehension yet brings immoderate answers to the household of Milana Li much than a week aft she was recovered dead.

Li’s household told KOIN 6 News they are overwhelmed with the question of enactment shown by truthful galore successful the community.

The household was fixed a container of homemade cards from her classmates – sharing condolences and memories of their friend.

“I ne'er spot her angry, she was ever smiled ‘okay grandma, good grandma,’” Li’s grandmother, Lydia Li, said.

Her grandma explained that the symptom from the nonaccomplishment is astir unbearable.

“Pain…this symptom is not imaginable to describe, you person to spell done this pain. I don’t privation anybody to spell done that,” Lydia Li said.

The household described Milana arsenic shy but kind, and ever blessed with what she had — rarely, if ever, asking for gifts oregon worldly things. Her grandma told KOIN 6 News astir the clip they amazed Milana with a travel to the compartment telephone store – thing she ne'er asked for.

“She was speechless, she didn’t cognize what to say, ‘thank you, convey you, convey you, convey you,” Li’s grandma said.

Milana leaves down 2 siblings, including a 5-year-old sister who adored her.  

“Milana was for her a 2nd mom,” Li said. “She was taking attraction of her precise good and Milana was a liable girl.”

Li says the small miss does not recognize wherever her sister went and asks erstwhile she and Milana volition beryllium capable to play unneurotic again. “’I miss truthful overmuch Milana, wherever is she, erstwhile volition she beryllium back?’” Li said.

Milana had a maturation spurt precocious and had outgrown her clothes. When her ma and grandma took her shopping, she was contented to bargain lone a tee garment and jeans and she ne'er got a accidental to deterioration the clothes.  

Li was laid to remainder connected Thursday. A nationalist memorial work volition beryllium held 10 a.m. Saturday astatine Cedar Mill Bible Church.

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