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Mayor Wheeler says police should take more responsibility in protest controversy

One day after Portland Police Association President Daryl Turner criticized city leaders over its protest response, Portland News Mayor Ted Wheeler is responding to Turner's comments.

"Well, I think he demeans the police bureau when he says that," Wheeler said, in reference to Turner declaring he had no confidence in city leadership.

In an interview to air this Sunday on "Your Voice, Your Vote," Wheeler explained how he's receiving competing kinds of criticism.

"I'm getting hammered by people on the left, Speaker Kotek, for example, who are saying I'm being derelict in my duty because I'm not reining the police in, and they are being Portland Press Release too rough with demonstrators," said Wheeler. "On the other hand, we have the Daryl Turners of the world saying look, why aren't you being more aggressive."

Wheeler says he's open to criticism and committed to being Portland Cryptocurrency News at the table to discuss all kinds of police reform, but he says there's only so much he can do personally, and he asks the police bureau to take more responsibility.

"I rely on the police bureau to determine which tactics are those that can most effectively end this without anybody being hurt or lives being lost, and they've done a really good job of that up to this point," said Wheeler. "I believe I've given  Portland Stock Market to sufficient broad direction to the police bureau but at the end of the day it's up to them and their law enforcement partners to work together to resolve these issues as safely as possible, not just for the demonstrators but for the law enforcement officers involved too."

You can watch the rest of Mayor Wheeler's interview on "Your Voice, Your Vote," this Sunday at 9 a.m.


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