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Gov. Brown releases updated framework for reopening Oregon

PORTLAND, Ore. — Oregon Gov. Kate Brown released a framework Monday for reopening the state amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The governor had outlined her plan last week, but Monday's presentation included a few more details.

The framework includes how Oregon's approach to reopening might be different than the federal government's approach. However, Latest Portland News there's still no specific timetable as to when Oregonians might be able to start resuming normal activities.

"The most important part of this is we don't want people to unnecessarily die of COVID-19 if they don't have to," said Carlos Crespo, a professor for the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health.

Crespo looked at the presentation for KATU and shared his thoughts.

"It's not giving you a date, not telling you June 13 or May 1," said Crespo. "It's the virus who decides."

Part of the presentation deals with potential guidelines for employers once certain businesses reopen. Temperature checks are mentioned as part of those guidelines, but Crespo isn't sure they'd be useful for a virus known to spread by asymptomatic people or before people become sick.

"So to take somebody's temperature, and let's say your temperature is high -- that means for the last 10, five, or two days, you were probably infectious," said Crespo.

The framework also lays out how Oregon might differ from federal guidelines during the first phase of reopening. Press Release Distribution Service In federal guidelines, gyms might be allowed to open under strict social distancing measures. But Oregon would likely keep gyms closed during phase one.

"Closing the gym, I think, is smart," said Crespo. "Part of that is it's hard to keep a distance."

The framework is a working draft. State officials plan to refine it over the coming weeks with more specific information and guidelines.

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