1923, the second Yellowstone prequel: Release date, cast, and where to stream

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(Pocket-lint) - Taylor Sheridan is pursuing up his archetypal Yellowstone prequel bid with a 2nd 1 called 1923. The amusement is owed retired aboriginal this twelvemonth connected Paramount+. Although determination are nary trailers disposable yet, oregon adjacent posters, Paramount-owned MTV Entertainment Studios has announced who volition prima successful the show, erstwhile the amusement is set, and what the amusement volition absorption connected successful the archetypal season. Here, then, is everything you announced truthful acold astir 1923, including the merchandise date, cast, wherever to watercourse oregon ticker online, and different details you're apt to privation to know. 


1923: What you request to know

  • Set successful 1923 - straight follows 1883, the archetypal Yellowstone prequel

1923 is an upcoming Western play bid produced by MTV Entertainment Studios and 101 Studios, which besides produces Yellowstone and 1883, arsenic good arsenic Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan's Mayor of Kingstown. It was primitively announced nether the sanction 1932, suggesting the amusement would beryllium acceptable during the Great Depression. However, Paramount changed the sanction and has confirmed the bid volition beryllium acceptable astatine the extremity of World War I and the commencement of prohibition. It takes spot astir 35 years earlier John Dutton III -  the Yellowstone pb played by Kevin Costner - was born.

Paramount said its 2nd Yellowstone prequel focuses connected the Dutton family's 2 generations aft 1883 - specifically, arsenic "they conflict to past historical drought, lawlessness and prohibition, and an epidemic of cattle theft; each battled beneath the unreality of Montana's large depression, which preceded the federation by astir a decade".

Keep successful caput viewers past saw the Dutton household successful 1883, a amusement that premiered astatine the extremity of past year. It explained the Duttons' travel to Montana, including however they settled determination alternatively of their archetypal destination of Oregon. Before James (played by Tim McGraw) and Margaret (played by Faith Hill), Dutton could marque it to their archetypal destination of Oregon, their teenage daughter, Elsa (played by Isabel May), died. James laid her to remainder successful a Montana vale that past became the Dutton home. Presumably, Elsa's member John carried connected the Dutton name. 

1923: Cast

  • Stars Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, apt arsenic James and Margaret

Paramount-owned MTV Entertainment Studios has announced Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren volition prima successful the caller series, but details astir their characters haven't been announced.

Given that the amusement is acceptable successful 1923, and Harrison Ford is simply a 79-year-old antheral successful existent life, helium is really conscionable the close property to play an older James Dutton (who Tim McGraw played successful 1883). One tin presume Helen Mirren is past playing Margaret Dutton, his wife. The characters would some beryllium successful their precocious 70s and aboriginal 80s during the 1920s. 

1923 is enforcement produced by Taylor Sheridan, John Linson, Art Linson, David C Glasser, Ron Burkle, Bob Yari, and Ben Richardson.

1923: Release date

  • 1923 volition premiere successful December 2022

1923 volition merchandise successful December 2022, pursuing the premiere of Yellowstone play five successful November. Paramount has not confirmed the fig of episodes successful 1923, but 1883 and erstwhile seasons of Yellowstone person each been fixed 10 episodes each. So, it's harmless to presume 1923 volition beryllium treated to a 10-episode play arsenic well.

1923: Where to ticker online

  • 1923 volition watercourse connected Paramount+

1923 volition debut connected Paramount's ain video streaming service, Paramount+, conscionable similar 1883 did.

It volition beryllium disposable connected Sky platforms (plus Sky volition proceed to transportation ViacomCBS pay-TV channels specified arsenic Comedy Central). Sky Cinema subscribers volition get Paramount+ astatine nary other cost, apparently, but different Sky customers volition person to adhd it to their accounts - but it volition besides beryllium disposable straight done the Paramount+ app, connected Apple, Google, Roku and Samsung devices.

Keep successful caput the archetypal Yellowstone amusement airs connected Paramount Network and streams connected Peacock. Then there's the 1883 spinoff, 1883: Bass Reeves, which volition aerial connected Paramount+. Finally, determination is simply a Yellowstone spin-off, called 6666, which volition aerial connected Paramount Network. Confusing right? That's CBS. Wait, ViacomCBS. No, Paramount, for you. 

Paramount+ offers 2 plans: The Essential tier with constricted commercials for $4.99 a month, and the $9.99 Premium program with nary ads (except connected unrecorded TV and a fewer shows). ViacomCBS inked a woody with Sky to motorboat Paramount+ successful the UK, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy, and Switzerland successful 2022. The UK motorboat happened connected 22 June 2022.

1923: Trailers

There are nary trailers yet for 1923.

1923: How to drawback up

Easy! Watch Yellowstone and its archetypal prequel, 1883. The archetypal 4 seasons of Yellowstone are streaming connected Peacock successful the US, portion the archetypal and lone play of 1883 streams connected Paramount+.

You tin besides rent oregon bargain integer versions of the shows connected Amazon:

Or you tin bargain carnal copies of the shows connected Amazon.



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